Accelerate your mobility initiatives by developing a mobility strategy and roadmap as well as a comprehensive, defensible transportation electrification (TE) plan.

We use predictive data science and ethnographic research to help you determine which programs to offer to the right audience and to assess and plan for grid impacts. Our experts help with technology validation, electric transportation program design, predictive customer targeting, and community outreach and strategic marketing campaigns and messaging.

Our utility clients tap into our research and best-practice advice, voice-of-the-customer market research, and industry experts to accelerate and improve their mobility portfolios.

Utilities and EVs

Wherever you are on your mobility journey, we’ll save you time, improve your offerings, deliver more value to the right customers in less time, and ensure grid reliability.

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Jump-start or refine your utility’s TE plan efforts

Research and advisory

The E Source Mobility Service can help you understand what your customers expect from their utility when it comes to EVs, learn from utility TE plan, and stay on top of industry trends.

E Source TE Insights allows you to benchmark your TE plan against those of peer utilities. Our tool offers the most robust data in the industry, enabling you to understand the information within utility TE plans and explore annual TE reports, EV-specific time-of-use rates, and program incentive levels. You can track planned and actual utility TE spending and results and understand how utilities are allocating their funds to rebates, capital expenditures, admin, and outreach. The database includes reports for spending and impacts, rates, and incentives and gives you full access to the document library.

Solution services

Our consulting team can help you create or refine your TE plan like we did with PacifiCorp. We can also conduct a market scan in your service area to reveal key market players and opportunities for partnerships.

Phase 2: Mapping your route

Your utility is starting to map out—or refine—its EV strategy. You need inputs for your TE plan as you’re discussing how to handle the grid impacts of adding load to your system. You might be developing mobility programs for a small number of EVs on the road but don’t have a comprehensive portfolio yet.

Resources to help you fill out your TE plan

And if you’re a member of the Mobility Service, you can access these additional resources:

Get data and forecasts for your EV strategy

Research and advisory

The Mobility Service will help you benchmark your TE plan. We’ll provide best practices and advice for your TE plan and EV program design through our research library and peer exchanges.

And when you need to understand how battery pricing and availability will affect EV supply and demand in the future, turn to E Source Battery Next, the battery price forecasting service.

Solution services

Our consulting team can help you build a roadmap and go-to-market strategy for EVs and map your customers’ EV journey to ensure that your strategic plan will meet their needs.

Data science

Through E Source Gridinform (PDF) you can get insights into EV charging patterns, factors that influence EV charging behavior, and impacts of load growth at the national, state, service territory, or distribution feeder level.

Phase 3: Accelerating

Your utility is actively planning the implementation of offerings for customers who own an EV or operate large fleets of vehicles. You’re working with charging providers and other vendors to plan the tactical infrastructure for mobility solutions for all classes of customers.

Resources to help you stay ahead of the curve

If you’re a member of certain E Source services, you can access these additional resources:

Fine-tune your EV adoption strategy and forecast grid impacts

Research and advisory

The E Source Technology Assessment Service can help you understand EV technologies and their impacts on your customers and the grid.

Solution services

Our consulting team can help ensure that your EV infrastructure is built to enhance EV charging resiliency during natural disasters. Our consultants have more than 35 years of combined experience evaluating emerging energy technologies and supporting utility R&D programs to validate tech performance and improve speed to market and key performance indicators.

Phase 4: Cruising

You’re focused on market transformation and engaging with customers. You’re figuring out which customers to focus on for these initiatives. And you’re attempting to forecast grid impacts from increased EV adoption and EV charging.

Resources to help you transform the market

Refine your EV programs and customer outreach

Research and advisory

The Mobility Service can help you benchmark your current program against other EV programs to reveal opportunities for enhancement.


Using design thinking and ethnographic research, our consulting team can help you advance your campaign strategies with messages that are tailored to the right customers. And we’ll help you create a solid implementation strategy.

Data science

With E Source OneInform, build and match the right programs with the right participants in a distributed grid environment, using the power of our data science services to capture a deep understanding of how individual customers can engage with the utility to optimize program outcomes.

Meet our experts

Luke Beckett

Decarbonization, Distributed energy resources (DERs), Demand-side management (DSM), End-use and emerging technology topics

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Ben Campbell

Electric vehicles (EVs), Modeling, Market research

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Rachel Cooper

Customer satisfaction, Customer transactions, Electric vehicles (EVs), Segmentation, Voice of the customer (VOC), Voice of the utility (VOU)

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Steven Day

Electric vehicle (EV) programs, Electrification, Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), Hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)

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Will Gifford

Data science, Customer personas, Time-of-use (TOU) pricing programs, Electric vehicles (EVs), Evaluation, measurement and verification (EM&V)

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Michael Hartnack

Renewable energy, Demand-response (DR) programs, Electric vehicles (EVs)

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Jesse Hitchcock

Low- or moderate-income customers, Electric vehicle (EV) programs, Retrofit programs, Provincial policies, Electric vehicles (EVs)

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Sam Jaffe

Electric vehicle (EV) programs, Electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), Hybrid vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs)

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Bryan Jungers

Electrification, Renewable energy, Emerging technology programs, Electric vehicles (EVs)

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Brenna Raeder

Electric vehicle (EV) programs, Programs, State policies

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Lisa Schulte

Chat, Customer engagement, Customer experience, Customer satisfaction, Customer transactions, Voice of the customer (VOC), Mobile interactions

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