Predict, price, and prioritize your risk with E Source GridInform Vegetation Management. Our AI-powered scenario planning helps you develop and implement data-driven vegetation management strategies that reduce downtime and eliminate wasted effort.

The GridInform Advantage


AI-powered predictive intelligence to support evidence-based scenario planning that enhances risk-spend efficiency.


Comprehensive risk profile with configurable levels of detail built by applying advanced data science to more than 400 variables, including satellite imagery, across third-party and utility data.


Insights tailored to organizational context and recommendations are integrated with work management systems, complete with expert guidance from data scientists and consultants with deep utility expertise.


Purpose-built for utilities and designed to be actionable, with recommendations that adapt to changing variables, reducing downtime, increasing vegetation management efficiency, and lowering wasted spend.

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E Source GridInform Vegetation Management

A solution to accurately predict vegetation-induced outage risk and optimize mitigation returns.

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Optimizing vegetation management: Why data allows us to make better decisions than ever before

Learn how utilities can lower operations costs and improve reliability by applying predictive data and machine learning to vegetation management. With data science, utilities will also minimize problems from unplanned work and ultimately improve safety and customer satisfaction.

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