Executive leadership

Ted Schultz

Chief Executive Officer

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Ted Schultz is the chief executive officer of E Source. He has more than 35 years of industry experience and is known for his focus on providing value to customers. Prior to joining E Source, he served as CEO of TROVE Predictive Data Science, senior vice president of utility solutions at Ecova, and vice president of marketing and energy efficiency at Duke Energy. Ted has held several advisory board positions at the national level, including with the Edison Foundation, National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, EPRI Energy Services, and JD Power Smart Grid Services. He currently serves on the Marketing Executive Conference.

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Matthew Burks

Chief Strategy Officer

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Matthew Burks is the chief strategy officer, overseeing new product development, strategic partnerships, and corporate strategy for E Source. He has years of experience advising North America’s largest utilities on the connections between energy, technology, society, and policy. Matthew is an industry thought leader in the rapidly evolving electric and gas utility sectors, with a vision for innovating energy-related products and services and an extensive knowledge of customer experience. He focuses a behavioral lens on energy consumers and takes a holistic view of utility markets, disruptive technologies, and new business models.

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Michael Carter

Chief Revenue Officer and President, Research and Advisory

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Michael Carter oversees the E Source subscription products and is responsible for the company’s growth and strategic direction. Over 25 years of experience in the energy industry has given Michael deep expertise in energy markets, electric power generation, power market analysis, renewable power, sustainability, and the transition to a low-carbon economy. He regularly acts as an adviser and board member to industry-focused businesses and start-ups. Before joining E Source, he served as chief revenue officer for first Energy Exemplar, then Energy Acuity and division head of SNL Energy.

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Tom Martin

Vice President of Commercialization, Data Science

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Tom Martin is the vice president of commercialization for the data science division of E Source. He leads the data science team and is a key partner to our clients in demonstrating how data science solutions can help solve their challenges. Prior to this role, Tom served as managing director of data science at TROVE, and he led the implementation of new technology and analytics at PG&E to reduce the company’s operational costs, improve safety, and increase grid reliability.

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Adam Stotz

Chief Technology Officer

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Dr. Adam Stotz is the chief technology officer at E Source, where he directs the strategic design, management, and implementation of the company’s product technology infrastructure. He’s obsessed with making data useful by incorporating predictive data science into his leadership. Before joining E Source, Adam was a principal research scientist at CUBRC, a leading data science research and development firm, where his team delivered predictive-analytics solutions for the US defense and intelligence communities.

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Jonathan Willcox

Chief Financial Officer

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Jonathan Willcox, CPA, is the chief financial officer. As an active member of the Buffalo startup community, he has been a judge for Ignite Buffalo, an organizer for Techstars’ Buffalo Startup Weekend, and an advisor to startups and seed funds. Jonathan serves as the board treasurer of Westminster Economic Development Initiative, board treasurer of Field and Fork Network, board member of Niagara University Accounting Advisory Board, and was the former chair of the New York State Society of CPAs’ Buffalo Chapter Technology Committee.

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Kym Wootton

Chief Administrative Officer

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Kym Wootton is the chief administrative officer and is responsible for the shared services of E  Source: marketing, human resources, project management, IT, facilities, and business intelligence. She also manages the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Kym’s work establishes a clear vision for the organization with respect to strategy, mission, and organizational effectiveness that ensures alignment and collaboration across departments.

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Filomena Gogel

Senior Vice President, Management Consulting

Reinhard Sturm

Senior Vice President, Water Loss Consulting

Edwin Crow

Senior Vice President, Customer System Consulting

Pete Baker

Vice President, Product, Data Science

Rachel Buckley

Vice President, Enterprise Strategy and New Products

Rick Cutter

Vice President, Customer System Consulting

Kelly Dietz

Senior Vice President, Grid Sales

Kate Gasner

Vice President, Water Loss Consulting

Mark Hatfield

Vice President, Innovation, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting

Sam Jaffe

Vice President, Battery Storage Solutions

Nicole Naassan

Vice President, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting

Dale Pennington

Business Development Executive, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting

Aleana Reeves

Vice President, Sales Support and Engagement, Research and Advisory

Kody Salem

Senior Vice President, Business Development, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting

Steve Wenke

Vice President, Customer System Consulting

Joel Westvold

Vice President, Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting

Jesse Woods

Vice President, Client Success, Data Science

Advisory board

The E Source Advisory Board is the executive committee providing guidance and thought leadership to E Source and to the energy utility market in general. Their wisdom, dynamic insight, innovative advice, and utility experience influence E Source decisions about research, strategy, and market direction. Their unbiased opinions provide wide perspectives as well as wise counsel on big-picture issues.

Charles Bayless

Former CEO, Tucson Electric Power and Illinois Power

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Charles Bayless was one of the first utility leaders to recognize the promise of distributed generation as a less risky and cleaner alternative to investment in conventional central-station generation. Bayless has been chairman, president, and CEO of both Tucson Electric Power (UniSource Energy) and Illinois Power (Illinova Corp.). Before that, he served in senior positions at Public Service of New Hampshire and Consumers Power (now Consumers Energy). Bayless has served on the boards of more than 15 organizations, including the Ontario Power Authority, the Electric Power Research Institute, and the Edison Electric Institute.

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Ralph Cavanagh

Senior Attorney and Codirector, Natural Resources Defense Council Energy Program

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Ralph Cavanagh is a champion of the notion that environmental solutions should contribute to the bottom line of polluting businesses, something that traditional regulations prevented. Cavanagh’s unparalleled success in persuading regulators of the merits of this once-unorthodox view helped to prove that utility regulatory reform is viable and that it yields substantial environmental gains. He has used public policy in an exemplary way to bring about positive, widespread changes in existing regulations and practices. Cavanaugh has been with the NRDC since 1979; he also served for 10 years as a member of the US Secretary of Energy’s advisory board.

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John Di Stasio

President, Large Public Power Council

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John Di Stasio was formerly the general manager and CEO of SMUD, where his accomplishments included improving reliability and offering some of the lowest electricity rates in California. He was also instrumental in securing a $127.5 million grant from the US Department of Energy to pursue a smart grid infrastructure project. Di Stasio is the past president of both the Northwest Public Power Association and the California Municipal Utility Association and the vice chair of the Large Public Power Council.

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Sue Kelly

Board of Trustees of the North American Electric Reliability Corp.

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In February 2021, Sue Kelly was elected to serve a three-year term on the Board of Trustees of the North American Electric Reliability Corp. Before that, she was president and CEO of the American Public Power Association (APPA). Kelly joined APPA in 2004 as senior vice president of policy analysis and general counsel. She is a former principal with Miller, Balis & O’Neil, PC, where she represented electric utilities and their trade associations as well as other governmental entities, assisting them with restructuring-related issues before the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, federal appellate courts, and state public utility commissions.

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Scott Ungerer

Founder and Managing Director, EnerTech Capital

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Scott Ungerer has been a leader in venture capital investing for the traditional and advanced energy sectors for nearly 20 years. He is one of the few in his field with an extensive and proven investment and management operations history. Ungerer looks for opportunities that reduce the cost and improve the customer experience related to all aspects of energy supply, delivery, and usage. His areas of expertise include companies that sell into central and distributed power generation; electric transmission; electric, natural gas, and water distribution; energy management for the customer premise; intelligent grid; and transportation.

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Roger Woodworth

Principal, Mindset Matters

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Roger Woodworth has dedicated his life to helping people favorably transform the forces that shape social and economic outcomes. Over his 37-year career at Avista, he held a variety of roles, including vice president of operations, vice president for sustainable energy, and vice president of customer solutions. Prior to his early retirement in 2016, Woodworth served as corporate vice president and chief strategy officer. He was also president of Avista’s development subsidiary. As principal of Mindset Matters, Woodworth helps people refresh strategies, align efforts, and expand connections to achieve greater things. His clients include a wide range of for-profit, municipal, academic, and nonprofit organizations.

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