Grow your utility business with deep industry knowledge.

In today’s competitive demand-side management (DSM) marketplace, utilities have more vendors than ever to choose from. To win their business, you have to prove that you understand their unique pains and have in-depth knowledge of their portfolios. Our diverse offerings will give you—the Solution Provider—a competitive edge and help you become the trusted energy-efficiency advisor for your clients.

How Can E Source Help You?

For more than 25 years, E Source has been delivering research and advisory services to electric and gas utilities and their partners. Our unique perspective and experience provides an insider’s view of the utility industry. Our goal is to facilitate a win-win relationship between you and your customers. With E Source, you can:

  • Support business development efforts with insights into DSM portfolio cycles
  • Become your clients’ trusted partner, making it easier for them to achieve their business goals and earning you additional business
  • Arm your program design team with intelligence about energy-efficiency and demand-response program structures, budgets, results, and best practices
  • Utilize end-use customer data to optimize your implementation teams’ marketing efforts


Market Insights

Dig deep into DSM data using a powerful combination of tools and analysis, or find hundreds of current and archived RFPs, RFIs, and RFQs issued by utilities and regional energy-efficiency organizations.

Brand Awareness & Promotion

Gain access to your market through E Source’s broad utility network with online and in-person opportunities.

The E Source Forum

Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind opportunity to sponsor and exhibit at the 2018 E Source Forum, where more than 500 of your potential customers gather to learn and network.

Energy Vendor IQ

Our premier directory of utility vendors and service providers will allow you to build your market and research your competition.