Stay ahead of the utility sales cycle

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E Source DSM Insights helps utility partners and solution providers stay ahead of the utility sales cycle and focus on the best opportunities to win new business. As a centralized repository of program and portfolio performance information for the efficiency and demand-response industry, DSM Insights gives you access to utility demand-side management (DSM) filing dates, underperforming programs, and incumbent providers. No more searching through regulatory dockets, saving reports, or building and keeping track of spreadsheets on your own. Analyze the data, find opportunities, and win new business.

Dig deep into utility DSM budgets and impacts

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E Source DSM Insights allows utility demand-side management (DSM) departments to benchmark themselves against other utilities in virtually all areas of DSM program performance. This powerful online tool eliminates the hassle of navigating state-level filing systems by providing access to all of the data in one place. Utilities and their partners can explore and compare portfolio- and program-level information on spending, electric/gas savings, cost-effectiveness, participation, plan versus actual performance, and more.

DSM Insights includes data such as:

  • Information on electric and gas utility–funded energy-efficiency, load management, and renewable energy programs
  • A detailed breakdown of program-level spending—including incentives, marketing, and delivery—and impacts
  • A list of the top 100-plus program administrators, accounting for more than 80% of industry spending
  • Original source documentation
  • Coverage of both planned and actual (reported and evaluated) program performance

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