Dig deep into utility DSM budgets and impacts.

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E Source DSM Insights allows utility demand-side management (DSM) departments to benchmark themselves against other utilities in virtually all areas of DSM program performance. This powerful online tool eliminates the hassle of navigating state-level filing systems by providing access to all of the data in one place. Utilities and their partners can explore and compare portfolio- and program-level information on spending, electric/gas savings, cost-effectiveness, participation, plan versus actual performance, and more.

DSM Insights includes data such as:

  • Information on electric and gas utility–funded energy-efficiency, load management, and renewable energy programs
  • A detailed breakdown of program-level spending—including incentives, marketing, and delivery—and impacts
  • A list of the top 100-plus program administrators, accounting for more than 80 percent of industry spending
  • Original source documentation
  • Coverage of both planned and actual (reported and evaluated) program performance