Our end-user market research, utility benchmarking, industry expertise, and best-practice advice helps utilities improve their customers’ experiences and optimize their customer-centric operations.

We help utilities

With our expertise in their corner, our utility members:

  • Identify opportunities to significantly reduce O&M costs and optimize capital expenditures
  • Drive a customer-centric culture across the organization
  • Develop business cases for customer-centric solutions
  • Conduct sophisticated journey-mapping exercises to understand customers’ needs and desires, as well as identify opportunities for utility cost savings
  • Improve back-office processes such as billing, rebate processing, and credit and collections to achieve greater efficiencies and drive customer satisfaction
  • Optimize their call centers and customer service operations
  • Ensure that their online presence can keep up with customers’ evolving expectations
  • Use social channels to improve the customer experience (CX) and deflect inbound calls from contact centers

What our customers say

E Source’s extensive hands-on industry experience and insight, along with a caring consultative approach, resulted in a detailed road map of how we can strategically and operationally enhance the business customer experience in order to remain a top-performing call center. Thank you, E Source!

—Deirdre Whitfield, Customer Care Center Sales and Service Manager, Georgia Power

Our organization was taking its first steps in CX program development, so E Source was a perfect partner. Their consultants worked in the industry and could relate to our challenges, which led to targeted support and strategic direction. The best part was that their advice aligned with our specific objectives … regardless of whether that resulted in future revenue streams for them.

—Domenic Marinelli, Customer Experience and Energy Planning, Manitoba Hydro

We’re on your team

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