Daniel Doutre brings more than 25 years of experience defining, organizing, and analyzing market research data to the E Source team. From semiannual, multinational product usage trackers to overnight political snap polls, his lengthy career has been committed to providing high-quality, relevant information to major corporate clients including those in the media, energy, financial, political, healthcare, and consumer products fields. Daniel has a BS in marketing from the University of Northern Colorado.

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Charting a Path to Business Customer Satisfaction

Devin Fink, Daniel Doutre
March 6, 2019

The wants and needs of business customers are always shifting, and when it comes to delivering and managing energy, priorities can evolve rapidly. We've compiled six insights to help you make sure you're meeting your business customers' expectations.

Utilities Have Room for Improvement in Meeting Key Account Customer Expectations

Daniel Doutre, Cory Coggins
November 1, 2017

Meeting a utility key account customer's expectations is increasingly important in today's energy industry. Check out this data snapshot from the E Source Large Business Gap and Priority Benchmark 2016, where we examine areas to consider to better meet customer expectations.

Call Me! Your Large Business Customers Want a Phone Call During Unplanned Outages

Daniel Doutre
April 12, 2016

As Ecclesiastes states, and The Byrds later sang, there is a time to every purpose under heaven, including when a smartphone needs to just be a phone. According to the E Source Large Business Gap and Priority study, your key accounts want you to call them during energy emergencies. What a concept!