Putting customers at the forefront of every decision is critical to your utility’s long-term success. E Source’s experts help more than 350 utilities across the US and Canada make customer-centric, cost-efficient decisions through our research and advisory services.

With on-demand support and advice and support from our team of trusted industry experts, you’ll make smarter decisions, save time and money, and improve customer satisfaction and retention—at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee or agency.

Our research and advisory services deliver value in four key ways

Market research insights

Enhance your programs and customer interactions through deeper knowledge of your customers’ needs, behaviors, and beliefs with access to our proprietary customer market research. Better understand where you stand in the industry and how to improve your outcomes with actionable insights from our proprietary industry benchmarking studies.

On-demand expert support

Our experts are your trusted partners, helping you get better results and complete your projects faster. Get on-demand support for your most important initiatives through our Ask E Source program (PDF).

  • 30+ industry experts with a collective 375+ years of energy industry experience
  • 2,500+ custom projects supported each year
  • 300 industry topics covered in our answers

Industry connections

Stay on top of industry trends, gain actionable insights, and build valuable, lasting relationships at the E Source Forum, leadership meetings, webinars, and utility-only exchanges.

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We’re on your team

Let’s schedule a time to discuss your challenges and how E Source can help.