The perks of being a member

Whether you work in rate design, distribution planning, generation development, or customer programs, E Source Battery Next can solve your battery-related challenges. With Battery Next, you get:

  • Access to our data science–driven Battery Cost Model to calculate the cost of making a stationary energy storage system from the atomic layer to the finished product
  • Access to our proprietary Battery Forecast Database to conduct forecasts from more than 30 global battery markets, including data on 12 stationary applications
  • Expert guidance from our team to help you study the market and apply the data to your specific needs

Ask our experts unlimited questions

Answers from our battery experts, like Sam Jaffe, will drive the design, implementation, and education strategies of your battery programs as well as help you stay ahead of market pricing and supply and demand trends. Common questions are about the future of batteries and their impact on the grid in the future, supply chain challenges, and the impact of battery pricing on the growth of electric transportation. Learn more about our Ask E Source program (PDF).

Access our library of research

You’ll gain access to in-depth battery market research and trends as well as facilitated information-sharing among peers to help you develop effective strategies and programs and build your business case for internal and external stakeholders.

Keep tabs on the battery market with our exclusive quarterly reports

Rely on our quarterly reports of data analysis that directly or indirectly affects the battery and energy industries.

Unlock the power of our databases and trackers

In addition to our Battery Cost Model and Battery Forecast Database, turn to our Battery Factory Tracker to forecast future supply of batteries for all form factors and applications and to our Energy-Storage Project Tracker to gain insight on every announced utility-scale stationary energy-storage project.

Attend and interact at our battery-focused events

Collaborate and interact with industry experts and your peers during our informative webinars as well as our annual E Source Forum.

Recommended Battery Next membership bundles

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Develop an integrated and effective customer-centric distributed energy resource strategy

E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service

Pick the right technologies to promote in your overarching battery strategy

E Source Technology Assessment Service

Take the guesswork out of your program design, implementation, and evaluation

E Source Demand-Side Management Service

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