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When you’re a member of the E Source Technology Assessment Service, we’ll help you understand the latest developments in efficiency, demand-reduction measures, energy storage, and emerging technologies. With the service, you get:

  • Insights on the latest distributed energy resource (DER) technologies available with estimations on their energy savings and the best applications for achieving those savings
  • Guidance on methods for technology transfer and other program administrators’ experiences with specific measures and DER technologies so you can tweak your pilots or programs on the fly
  • Impact evaluation results for measures similar to yours to help validate the savings of a specific measure and determine if it’s right for you

Ask our experts unlimited questions

Answers from our technology experts will help you identify demand-side management (DSM), DER, or decarbonization measures that best meet your program goals. Learn more about our Ask E Source program (PDF).

Access our library of research

Our expertise on end-use technologies is extensive—we frequently publish reports and thought leadership papers on innovative and experimental tech. We’ll keep you up to date on the new technologies that are driving change in the industry, and can make recommendations for implementation.

Complement the experts on your team

Our technology experts and engineers bring decades of utility expertise to help your teams identify, vet, and select the right technologies to meet your DSM, DER, and decarbonization goals challenges with a fresh perspective.

Unlock the power of our exclusive technology-related tools

Search the Emerging Technology Database, a repository of robust, neutral studies conducted across North America on the efficiency of end-use gas and electric technologies to inform your DSM programs.

Attend and interact at our technology-focused events

Collaborate and interact with industry experts and your peers at topically relevant meetings as well as our annual E Source Forum. Recent topics include smart home technologies and strategies, battery storage value streams and optimization, emerging gas DSM and decarbonization initiatives, and HVAC controls and filtration strategies.

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