As our industry confronts a major time of change, it’s more important than ever for utilities to design, implement, manage, and measure a customer-first strategy that’s forward-looking. Our end-user market research, utility benchmarking, industry expertise, best-practice advice, and data science capabilities help utilities enhance their customer experiences and optimize their customer-centric operations.

Regardless of where you are in your customer experience (CX) journey, we’ll help you solve your current challenges and position you for the future.

The E Source CX Maturity Assessment

Take the E Source CX Maturity Assessment to determine your utility’s CX maturity and identify actionable next steps to achieve your goals. Use your results to support strategic conversations and build the business case for CX within your utility.

CX inception

Utilities in this phase may be just getting started with CX, with few activities in progress and little support for their efforts. The best way to start is by gathering voice-of-the-customer (VOC) data to deeply understand your customers’ needs. Our content and solutions deliver advice on effectively gathering, analyzing, and acting on VOC input through journey-mapping, ethnography, and quantitative market research.

Solutions to jump-start your VOC initiatives

Research and advisory

The E Source Customer Experience Strategy Service gives you access to best-practice research on how utilities across the US and Canada collect VOC data, as well on-demand answers to your CX questions.

E Source Market Research provides the quantitative information you need to understand the preferences of customers in your service territory through studies such as the E Source Business Customer Satisfaction Study and data from the Claritas Energy Behavior Track delivered via the E Source US Residential Customer Insights Center.

The E Source Account Management Service provides actionable advice for how to obtain and act on VOC feedback from business customers.


E Source Management Consulting has deep utility operations and energy industry experience. We can assess your current state and build a business case for your CX initiatives. Our experts have helped dozens of utilities gather VOC data for customer journey transformation, including:

As a leader in ethnography, we can collect first-hand accounts of your customers’ opinions and needs. Check out how we optimized Con Edison’s EV messaging through ethnographic research.

CX scramble

Utilities in this quadrant are facing the difficult challenge of winning support for CX across the organization. You’ll need to shift to a customer-focused culture, and overcome the culture of “no.”

Solutions to help you amplify your efforts to create a customer-centric culture

Research and advisory

The E Source Customer Experience Strategy Service gives you access to best-practice examples of how utilities and companies in parallel industries have created customer-centric cultures. We’ll help you get staff buy-in and understand the structure and culture you’ll need to make CX an organizational competency.


E Source consultants will show you how to design a CX strategy that will engage employees at all levels.

CX opportunity

Utilities in this quadrant are in a promising position. Though not all of your CX activities are under way, you’ve gained a high level of internal support to move your CX initiatives forward. You’ll also want to prioritize CX initiatives and create a CX roadmap.

Solutions to help you plan for where you’ll go next with CX

Research and advisory

The E Source Customer Experience Strategy Service gives you access to utility CX leaders as well as insights from outside the industry about what’s coming next and how you can position your CX initiatives for the future.

The E Source Contact Center Optimization Service gives your customer operations team the best-practice knowledge they need to improve customer satisfaction and streamline operations.

The E Source Account Management Service provides actionable advice for maintaining business customer loyalty.

Data science

E Source OneInform helps utilities use quantitative data to better understand their customers as individual–or as an audience of one–and offer specific solutions to meet their distinct needs. That information can give you a valuable head start on developing short- and long-term payment strategies, specifically tailored to the unique circumstances of your at-risk customers.


Our consultants have been on the front lines of utility contact centers and have helped dozens of utilities refine their customer journeys.

CX leader

Utilities in this stage have strong internal support for their CX efforts and have taken steps to create a great experience for their customers. Customers may not yet be enamored with your business, but you’ve created an atmosphere to get to this place. Once you have a strategy, how do you measure how well it’s working?

Solutions to help you measure CX effectively

Research and advisory

The E Source Customer Experience Strategy Service gives you access to information on how utilities across the US and Canada track their CX success as well as to our analysts who can answer your on-demand research questions.

The E Source Account Management Service provides best practices for improving your account management practices and measuring customer satisfaction.

Market research

E Source Market Research helps you analyze your CX metrics and compare them to those of your peer utilities through proprietary studies such as the E Source Account Management Assessment, Business Customer Satisfaction Study, and Customer Experience Survey.

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E Source’s extensive hands-on industry experience and insight, along with a caring consultative approach, resulted in a detailed road map of how we can strategically and operationally enhance the business customer experience in order to remain a top-performing call center. Thank you, E Source!

—Deirdre Whitfield, Customer Care Center Sales and Service Manager, Georgia Power

Our organization was taking its first steps in CX program development, so E Source was a perfect partner. Their consultants worked in the industry and could relate to our challenges, which led to targeted support and strategic direction. The best part was that their advice aligned with our specific objectives … regardless of whether that resulted in future revenue streams for them.

—Domenic Marinelli, Customer Experience and Energy Planning, Manitoba Hydro

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