Curious how your utility’s customer experience (CX) efforts compare to those of other utilities? The E Source Customer Experience Survey is your chance to find out. It allows you to share your utility’s approach to managing and improving the customer experience, and the results will provide valuable insights about CX maturity, best practices, and next practices at utilities across the US and Canada. Use these insights to build your business case, increase executive support, and evolve your utility’s CX approach.

We poll utility CX professionals from across the US and Canada on a variety of CX issues and topics, including:

  • The CX business case
  • CX strategy
  • CX initiative prioritization
  • CX staffing and budgets
  • Customer and employee feedback
  • Hiring, recognition, and training
  • Journey mapping and personas
  • CX metrics and vendors


We’re looking for utility personnel who are closely involved with their utility’s CX strategy. If you’d like to participate in the next study, fill out the form below.


The results of the E Source Customer Experience Survey represent municipal utilities, crown companies, and investor-owned utilities with more than 400,000 customers. Survey questions are based on input from CX leaders, frequent questions related to CX asked through our Ask E Source program, and E Source expertise and knowledge of CX best practices. Learn more about the CX solutions we deliver through the E Source Customer Experience Strategy Service.

Study results

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