E Source’s foundation is built on more than 30 years of utility consulting across the US and Canada. Our proven solutions help our clients meet their business objectives, put their customers first, and solve their most pressing challenges. Our clients tell us we’re fun and easy to work with.

Management Consulting

E Source Management Consulting takes pride in providing proven strategies and measurable results—no pie-in-the sky theories, buzzword-driven recommendations, or another strategy binder for your shelf. We help utility leaders implement executable solutions that improve business results. From strategy development to implementation, we help utility leaders with key utility functions from customer experience and operations to demand-side management and distributed energy resources.

Our areas of expertise

Customer experience (CX)

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Customer journey-mapping transformation
  • Voice of the customer (VOC) and voice of the employee (VOE) program design and development
  • CX maturity assessment and action plan implementation

Customer operations

  • Contact center optimization
  • Back office (billing, rebate processing, credit and collections)
  • Bill redesign
  • Customer prioritization and tiering (small and midsize business and key accounts)

Customer and market analytics

  • Customer segmentation and predictive analytics
  • Growth strategy development
  • Key account intelligence analysis reports
  • Micro- and geo-targeting

Demand-side management (DSM) and emerging technologies

  • Program and portfolio design and strategy
  • Technology roadmap and strategy
  • Measure and gap analysis and potential
  • Potential studies and process evaluation

Distributed energy resources (DERs)

  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Electrification strategy development and roadmap
  • Electric vehicle marketing and customer outreach
  • Battery storage strategy and implementation

Product and service innovation

Software Planning and Implementation Consulting

Utilities count on us for help in determining the strategic direction for mission-critical systems, evaluating current software solutions, selecting vendors and system integrators, negotiating great contracts and statements of work (SOWs), and providing implementation leadership, tools, and software. We empower our customers with our rich project history, deep industry knowledge, and proven E Source NavigateOne™ methodology.

Our areas of expertise

Strategy and assessment

  • Digital transformation strategy
  • System assessment and analysis
  • Maintain/upgrade/replace analysis
  • Deployment strategies (on-premises, cloud, or hybrid)
  • Organizational readiness analysis

Software or system integrator selection

  • RFP development and response management
  • Software demonstration framework and script development
  • System integrator implementation methodology evaluation
  • Vendor validation and site visits

Contract and SOW development and negotiations

  • Negotiation strategies workshop
  • NavigateOne SOW
  • Negotiations leadership
  • Cloud or service-level-agreement negotiation
  • Contract or terms-and-conditions input

Implementation leadership

  • Managing programs or projects
  • Ensuring project quality readiness
  • Testing and training leadership
  • Testing automation
  • Managing organizational change
  • Delivering NavigateOne for application life-cycle management

Technology Planning and Implementation Consulting

In order to effectively deploy complex technologies, you need a proven implementation methodology and a committed project team with deep subject-matter expertise. Our energy consulting are a diverse mix of engineers, data analysts, public relations specialists, project managers, financial experts, and system integrators will reduce your project risk and deliver maximum benefit to your smart utility or smart city project.

Our areas of expertise

Assessment and business case

  • Technological, operational, and organizational readiness assessment
  • Capital and operations and maintenance cost estimate
  • Anticipated quantitative and qualitative benefits identification
  • Utility vision and roadmap development

Requirements and procurement

  • Software, hardware, and infrastructure requirements definition
  • Implementation strategy development
  • Proposal solicitation and development
  • Contract negotiations
  • Grant writing and reporting

Implementation program management

  • Project and vendor management
  • Systems integration and testing oversight
  • Change management and business process design
  • Stakeholder awareness and education

Field services

  • Field surveys
  • Deployment strategy
  • Installation contractor oversight
  • Quality assurance and quality control inspections
  • Back-office data validation

Postdeployment optimization

  • Utility data analytics and dashboards
  • Benefits realization and verification
  • Systems support and operations staff augmentation
  • Key performance indicator tracking and continuous improvement
  • Postdeployment customer communications

Product and service innovation

  • State-of-the-industry technology education
  • Endpoint specification and configuration
  • Network architecture planning
  • Design and implementation of add-on technologies

Water Loss Consulting

In a year, the average water utility loses millions of gallons of water due to leaky pipes and inaccurate meters. Neither the utility nor the environment can afford this kind of loss. The solution to both water scarcity and tight budgets is water loss control. Through analytics, education, and field services, we help utilities manage water loss by uncovering where they’re losing it.

Our areas of expertise

Strategy and analytics

  • American Water Works Association water audit compilation and validation
  • Loss component analysis
  • Economic-level-of-leakage analysis
  • Customer meter-test analysis
  • Regional program development

Field services

  • Leak detection
  • District metered areas
  • Pressure management
  • Source meter testing

The E Source difference

We’re forward-thinking

Our energy consulting work is fueled by the desire to help you evolve your customer experience, products, and technologies. We bring best-in-class techniques and ideas from inside and outside the utility sector.

We have world-class market research capabilities

We deploy a combination of qualitative and quantitative customer research with various instrumentation for an easier, more agile approach to collecting data and insights. We combine methods and conduct research iteratively so you can build on previous insights and avoid losing learnings from one phase to the next.

We’re invested

We hire the right team of focused utility consulting experts who’ve made utilities their career choice and personal passion. Our people know your business, have lived your challenges, and have delivered successful solutions that are endorsed by utility personnel, customers, and governing or regulatory bodies.

We’re focused on utilities and cities

E Source has an unwavering commitment to helping utilities and cities continually reinvent and improve themselves. Our solutions are grounded in the trust and insights we’ve gained through more than 30 years of working with utilities across the US and Canada.

Our consultants are experts in

  • Strategic planning and feasibility studies
  • Procurement and vendor management
  • Systems integration design and planning
  • Field services
  • New technology evaluation and engineering analysis
  • Customer and market analytics
  • Change management
  • Ethnographic research and design-thinking strategies
  • Customer experience transformation
  • Stakeholder management
  • Demand-side management and emerging technologies
  • Distributed energy technologies
  • Product and service innovation
  • Industry collaboration facilitation
  • Marketing and messaging
  • Data science

Meet our experts

Filomena Gogel

Customer engagement, Customer experience (CX), Strategy

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Kody Salem

Energy information systems, Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), Smart meters

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Melanie Wemple

Data science, Customer journey mapping, Outage management, Demand-side management (DSM), Strategy

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Nicole Naassan

Operations, System design and interactions

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Chad Garrett

Market segment, DSM business case, Strategy

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Lisa Markus

Employee engagement, Change management, Customer experience (CX)

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Jeffrey Daigle

Contact center, Interactive voice response (IVR) system, Customer experience (CX), Customer journey mapping

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Bryan Jungers

Electrification, Renewable energy, Emerging technology programs, Electric vehicles (EVs), Product development, Strategy

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Matthew Burks

Commercial and industrial (C&I) business, Customer experience (CX), Product development, Strategy

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