Use regulatory portfolio performance data and predictive data science to build innovative energy-efficiency, demand-response, distributed energy resource, and electrification programs.

Our utility clients tap into our library of actionable research and best-practice advice, voice-of-the-customer market research, and industry experts to design and implement cost-effective energy portfolios.

We help utilities throughout the portfolio cycle

No matter where you are in the program cycle—creating, implementing, managing, or evaluating—we can accelerate:

Meeting your targets related to energy efficiency, demand response, renewable energy, and decarbonization with next-generation programs

Filling your portfolio with the most effective technologies and measures and developing optimal savings assumptions

Presenting a data-backed portfolio to regulators and governing bodies

Reducing customer acquisition costs by segmenting your customer base to offer the right programs to the right customers

Comparing your program’s performance to that of other utilities

Ensuring customer satisfaction by bringing in the voice of the customer through market research, ethnographic research, journey mapping, and design thinking

Our program innovation memberships

Demand-Side Management Service

Take the guesswork out of program design, implementation, and evaluation. Optimize and innovate your energy-efficiency and demand-response programs to achieve cost-effective energy and demand savings.

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Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service

Develop effective, scalable distributed energy resource and electrification programs that meet your unique policy and organizational objectives.

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Technology Assessment Service

Stay abreast of innovative demand-side management, distributed energy resource, and decarbonization technologies that boost your portfolio’s adoption potential and ability to meet your objectives.

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DSM and Measure Insights tools

Explore and compare portfolio and program-level information on spending, electric/gas savings, cost-effectiveness, participation, and plan-versus-actual performance. Benchmark measure inputs, build accurate energy-savings forecasts, identify data abnormalities for evaluation purposes, and quickly respond to time-consuming regulatory data requests.

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Our program innovation consulting services

When you need solutions tailored for your service territory, our consulting team can help you:

Develop program strategies

Bring in the voice of customer

Integrate programs and technologies

Study market potential

Implement marketing and targeting techniques

Our program innovation data science services

E Source OneInform is a machine-learning product suite that combines hundreds of unique data points, starting at the smart meter level. It uses proprietary algorithms to help you identify the right programs for the right customers, simulate program and grid impacts, craft the appropriate messaging to cause individuals to engage, and implement automation to continuously improve your efforts.

OneInform can help you optimize your program portfolio, especially related to distributed energy resources, billing and payment programs, and electric vehicles.

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What our customers say

E Source’s customer market research, best practice insights, and expert guidance have been extremely helpful to our understanding of the customer, in improvements to our tools and resources, and specifically this year to our new web page on battery storage. We really value E Source’s responsiveness to our questions, and the opportunity to collaborate with their experts and utility peers on solar and other DER-related topics.


E Source has made my job easier, faster, and better because it’s expanded my resource pool.

—Seattle City Light

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