To enhance relationships with the community, achieve the next generation of savings, and lead the carbon-reduction effort, utilities need to think differently, make data useful, and learn from the best strategies across the industry.

Our people, our insights, and our network help you better understand and interact with your customers. By collecting insights from utility employees and customers, we can:

  • Analyze primary market research to help you create effective programs and services
  • Compare internal metrics across the utility sector to evolve your customer strategies
  • Improve satisfaction by designing customer-centric initiatives that better meet customers’ needs

How we help

Let our research give you the actionable insights you need to meet your goals, whether customer-facing or operational. Our proprietary, industry-specific market research, benchmarking, and assessment studies can enhance your programs and customer interactions by giving you a deeper understanding of customers’ needs, behaviors, and beliefs. You’ll also learn how your utility compares to its peers and how to improve your outcomes.

We can help you:

  • Better understand and interact with customers by designing programs and outreach from the customer perspective
  • Make data-driven decisions instead of using assumptions to solve problems
  • Improve your customer strategies by discovering what other utilities are doing, who’s best in class and why, and how to make a business case for improvements at your utility

Examples of our work

Our team works as an extension of yours. Lean on us to support you with our existing insights, or have us field a customer study in your service territory. Check out some of our recent survey results.

What we offer

We know your resources and time are limited. It may feel impossible to collect and analyze all the data required to design customer-centric initiatives. Our team of seasoned market research experts is here to help. Our reputable, industry-leading market research will help you solve problems with data instead of assumptions.

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What we’re working on

This timeline outlines the plan for our 2024 voice-of-the-customer (VOC), voice-of-the-utility (VOU), and voice-of-the-employee (VOE) studies. More information about the studies is available from the topical sections below.

Requires participation from utilities, such as providing a customer list or completing a survey

Meet our experts

Randal Brown

Education and awareness
Market research
Voice of the customer (VOC)
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Rachel Cooper

Customer engagement
Customer satisfaction
Electric vehicles (EVs)
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Paige Martin Cox

Customer satisfaction
Electric vehicles (EVs)
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Daniel Doutre

Large business
Small and midsize business
Customer experience (CX)
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Jordan Ellison

Customer experience (CX)
Customer satisfaction
Voice of the employee (VOE)
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