Since 2002, E Source has been benchmarking roughly 100 US and Canadian utility websites to gauge how successful they are in serving residential customers. We rate the usability and availability of websites from both a computer and a mobile device on a variety of key features, including those accessed on the public side as well as on the secure side of the site. Our study, formerly known as the Review of North American Electric and Gas Company Websites, has quickly become the industry standard for assessing website improvements as they relate to customers’ contact preferences.

What you get

All participating utilities will get access to public rankings.

Participating members of the E Source E-Channel Service will receive:

  • An online dashboard with their individualized assessment, ranked against the performance of other utility participants
  • Access to best-practice reports and webinars
  • A personalized data advisory call upon request

If your utility does not subscribe to the E-Channel Service but you’re interested in receiving the full set of deliverables, please contact us.


The overall benchmark score for each website is weighted equally on the user experience—which includes navigation, functionality, appearance, and relevance—from both a computer and a mobile device, as well as the availability of features on the website. The features are selected because of their importance to residential customers. We also considered input from industry leaders on which features are important to them and which features are most used by their customers.

Study results

If you’re a subscriber, these links will take you to the study deliverables. If you’re not currently a subscriber, contact us for information on how to become an E Source member.

10 recommendations for utility website design

To help you improve your utility’s website, we examined the 20 highest-rated utility websites in the E Source 2021 Website Benchmark. Use the 10 recommendations from this e-book to determine where your utility’s website is performing well and where it needs development.