E Source blends industry-leading research, predictive data science, and solution services to help utilities make better decisions to support their customers, their bottom line, and our planet. With a commitment to practical innovation, we use more than three decades of utility-focused experience and our unique solution set to help clients achieve their goal of becoming The Sustainable Utility.

Our mission

At E Source, we’re dedicated to helping every utility become a sustainable utility. That means doing the hard work it takes to achieve goals that often seem at odds with one another:

  • Environmental responsibility: Decarbonizing operations, reducing emissions, eliminating water leaks, and improving efficiency
  • Reliability: Safe, continuous, and consistent service in the face of increasing volatility caused by climate change, including extreme weather, drought, and fire
  • Equity: Service and programs for all customers, especially low- and moderate-income residential customers and small and midsize business customers who are often disproportionately affected by societal events
  • Financial stability: A bottom line that allows for capital and operational expenditures while enabling innovation and giving back to communities

With our clients, we create a roadmap for specific strategies that will help them reimagine customer engagement and transform grid and delivery system performance.

We don’t just help utilities with their role in sustainability—we hold ourselves to a high standard with our carbon impact.

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Our history

In 1986, Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) founders Amory and Hunter Lovins started E Source with the goal of partnering with utilities to help their customers save electricity. Their novel approach defined the art of electric end-use efficiency—better known as energy efficiency.

Amory Lovins meeting President Jimmy Carter

Working with utilities to create and implement energy-efficiency programs, E Source quickly realized that it had to understand the customer side of these programs. That naturally meant an expansion of E Source’s work to include market research, customer experience, marketing, and communications.

A woman and baby in front of solar panels

Nearly 35 years later, we’re still helping electric, gas, and water utilities solve their efficiency problems, but we’re taking a different approach. In today’s world, it’s not just about providing a reliable commodity. Utilities must also understand customers’ desire for comfort, productivity, self-reliance, environmental benefits, and security. This creates a need for much more sophisticated data models, predictive data science, and hands-on implementation solutions. To become an even stronger partner with utilities, E Source acquired a number of companies since 2020 that increase our ability to meet your most pressing needs.

A timeline of logos: E Source now includes QuadROI, UtiliWorks Consulting, TROVE Data Science, StrategyWise, Excergy, Cairn ERA, WSO, and AAC Utility Partners

Meet our leadership team

Our leaders and advisors have decades of diverse experience in guiding utilities through their toughest customer-related challenges.

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We know your business and it shows

Simply put, we help utilities solve problems, make business decisions that serve their customers well, and give them the competitive advantage and intelligence they need to succeed.