We’ve added new capabilities

E Source is proud to announce that we’ve added new advanced data science, smart city, and technology implementation and optimization capabilities through the acquisition of TROVE Predictive Data Science, UtiliWorks Consulting, and StrategyWise.

How E Source helps utilities

At E Source, we provide focused research and consulting for utilities and solution providers. Using market research data, expert analysis, and industry experience, we help utilities put their customers first, meet their business objectives, and solve their corporate challenges. We also keep tabs on what’s working in other industries and translate that to the unique utility ecosystem.

Simply put, we help utilities solve problems, make business decisions that serve their customers well, and give them the competitive advantage and intelligence they need to succeed. We work with thousands of utility employees and senior leaders across the US and Canada, arming them with the knowledge and guidance they need to adapt to ever-changing business and market conditions.

Our topical expertise

Our mission is to advance the efficient use of energy. We do this by guiding utilities to flip their thinking, helping them design solutions that solve customers’ specific energy problems. We can help in these topic areas:

Thirty years of E Source

Want to learn more about E Source? We made a video to celebrate our 30th anniversary that will give you an idea of what we’re all about.