It’s crucial for utilities to get accurate information about energy storage technology and the complex dynamics at work in the battery market. In the current market, supply-chain issues, material shortages, and manufacturing limitations cause uncertainty. And demand for batteries is skyrocketing.

But how can utilities accurately plan resources in this tumultuous market without appropriate market intelligence? You can’t risk making assumptions in your forecasts. Predictions need to be grounded in data so you can effectively prepare for what’s ahead.

To keep up with the ever-changing energy storage market, our clients tap into our:

Battery storage intelligence

Whether you’re tracking the battery market for long-term forecasts, designing programs for utility customers or offerings for mobility and (EVs), finding the right customers for your battery programs, or procuring batteries for grid-scale solutions, E Source can help.

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Tracking the battery market

Rely on our market intelligence and world-renowned expertise to understand the battery market and supply-chain issues, incorporate battery pricing into long-term resource forecasts, negotiate energy storage contracts, and compare pricing to ensure a return on your battery investments.

Solutions for tracking the battery market

Research and advisory

E Source Battery Next is a data-focused solution for tracking the battery market and anticipating where it will go next.

Battery Next brings together 200,000 data points and first-principles research and analysis. We deliver the only reliable information on which you can base your assumptions. Our approach ensures our market forecasts are realistic projections of the future, grounded in fact.


Our experts will help you study the market, develop roadmaps, launch new products, and understand the competitive landscape. With our guidance, you can build a solid go-to-market strategy based on strong, clean data.

Designing for a distributed grid

Whether you’re designing programs for utility customers, offerings for mobility and EVs, or grid-scale solutions, our insights, data, and expertise can mitigate risk in your forecasts by ensuring your assumptions are grounded in quality data.

Designing utility customer programs

When designing your customer-sited battery storage programs and determining your overall strategy, save time and avoid missteps by putting other utilities’ successes and lessons learned into action.

Research and advisory

The E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service demonstrates how your peer utilities are designing pilots and programs for backup power.

The E Source Technology Assessment Service delivers unbiased advice on how to incorporate the latest battery technologies into your utility programs.

E Source Battery Next can accelerate the development of your customer battery programs so that you can provide the energy storage solutions your customers need, cost-effectively and optimized for your goals.


Work with our consulting team to understand your customers’ needs and motivations and to map their energy storage journeys. Our experts will conduct ethnographic research and guide your team through human-centered design-thinking exercises so you can develop tailored offerings for your customers.

Designing EV programs

Ensure that your electric distribution grid can meet your customers’ transportation fuel needs. Use our research and data services to learn when and where you’ll need to upgrade your grid.

Research and advisory

The E Source Technology Assessment Service shows you how to use EV batteries to balance out intermittency and implement managed EV charging technology to control the power draw from electric cars and fleets.

Data science

E Source OneInform predicts which parts of your service territory will be most densely populated by EV and battery customers.

Designing grid-scale solutions

Predict where batteries should go based on where your utility grid is most vulnerable. Use data science to identify potential points of failure and match intermittent resources with battery storage. Confidently negotiate long-term energy supply contracts to ensure ROI.

Data science

E Source GridInform applies data science to help you plan battery distribution, map your grid, prevent downtime, improve resiliency, and reduce operations and maintenance costs.

Research and advisory

E Source Battery Next provides you with the data and expertise you need to stay ahead of market pricing and supply and demand trends. You’ll better understand how to match load on the grid and keep up with the rising demand for batteries and renewables. Use the data to ensure a return on your long-term energy storage contracts or purchases.

Reaching the right customers for battery technologies

Treat your customers as an audience of one by marketing your behind-the-meter battery storage incentive programs to those who are most likely to benefit from them.

Solutions to make sure you reach the right customers with the right offers

Research and advisory

The E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service can help you position your programs and determine your messaging based on proprietary voice-of-the-customer market research.

Data science

Use predictive data science through E Source OneInform to narrow your audience and focus your outreach on customers who are interested in battery storage programs. This strategy increases program cost-effectiveness.


Our consulting team will layer in custom ethnographic research to help you understand the needs and motivations of customers likely to participate in energy storage offerings so you can tailor solutions to them.

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