Our expertise

Customer experience (CX)

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Customer journey-mapping transformation
  • Voice of the customer (VOC) and voice of the employee (VOE) program design and development
  • CX maturity assessment and action plan implementation

Customer operations

  • Contact center optimization
  • Back office (billing, rebate processing, credit and collections)
  • Bill redesign
  • Customer prioritization and tiering (small and midsize business and key accounts)

Customer and market analytics

  • Customer segmentation and predictive analytics
  • Growth strategy development
  • Key account intelligence analysis reports
  • Micro- and geo-targeting

Demand-side management (DSM) and emerging technologies

  • Program and portfolio design and strategy
  • Technology roadmap and strategy
  • Measure and gap analysis and potential
  • Potential studies and process evaluation

Distributed energy resources (DERs)

  • Strategy development and deployment
  • Electrification strategy development and roadmap
  • Electric vehicle marketing and customer outreach
  • Battery storage strategy and implementation

Product and service innovation

  • Ethnographic design, research, and analysis
  • Design-thinking project implementation
  • Utility innovation strategy and structure
  • Emerging market strategy, intelligence, and technologies

How we help

Simply put, we help utilities solve problems, make business decisions that serve their customers well, and give them the competitive advantage and intelligence they need to succeed.

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