E Source Consulting Solutions rely on decades of hands-on utility experience and research expertise. We deliver data-driven insights and best practices to help solve your specific business challenges. With every consulting project, you can expect a professional and collaborative partner who is committed to helping you achieve actionable results.

We understand your business needs and your unique goals. Our experts and analysts combine a utility focus with world-class market research and proprietary data for every engagement. Our consultants are the leading experts in their fields. Combining deep topical knowledge with an extensive background in the energy industry is the key to productive engagements and on-point solutions.

We’re objective and mindful of your needs. We’re always free of technology bias and vendor influences, and we provide an external viewpoint that you can be certain is right for your utility.

Customized Consulting

E Source offers numerous consultative solutions based on your business initiative. Click on the images below to learn more.

Customer Experience Consulting Solutions
Account Management Consulting Solutions
Demand-Side Management Consulting Solutions
Segmentation Consulting Solutions

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