Ben Campbell analyzes the business models, manufacturing processes, and electrochemistry of batteries for stationary energy storage and electric transportation. Previously, he was a lead analyst at Cairn Energy Research Advisors (ERA), a specialty consulting company focused on batteries that E Source acquired in October of 2021. At Cairn ERA, he helped develop an industry-leading model for battery manufacturing costs and forecasted markets for EV batteries and charging infrastructure. He holds a BA in philosophy from Wake Forest University.

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A battery costs how much? Understanding battery pricing with the E Source Battery Cost Model

Sam Jaffe, Ben Campbell
July 19, 2022

Batteries have become an integral part of the electricity grid. The E Source Battery Cost Model is a tool that clarifies current and future battery prices. Tune in to learn how your utility can make well-informed decisions about battery procurement by using the E Source Battery Cost Model.

How can utilities navigate the imminent battery wave?

Ben Campbell, Rachel Reiss Buckley
June 28, 2022

In the current battery market, there are supply chain issues, material shortages, and manufacturing limitations. But demand for batteries is skyrocketing. Learn how E Source can help you navigate the battery market with data science and our proprietary Battery Forecast Database.