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Download the slides | Battery price forecast 2024: How EV demand in China affects battery costs for US stationary storage projects (PDF)

The global battery industry is experiencing growing pains as the battery supply chain and battery demand are growing at different paces. When the largest battery market in the world—the Chinese EV market—causes some of these growing pains, the effects can extend to cell costs for US stationary storage systems.

Join us to learn how battery pricing has changed in the past year and our projections for the next year. We’ll make sure you understand the factors that affect battery pricing and the implications of battery price fluctuations.

In the first of our series of quarterly webinars, we’ll provide updates on:

  • Materials availability for various types of batteries
  • Manufacturing and production capacity and how the Inflation Reduction Act has impacted that
  • Demand growth for batteries
  • Expected battery cost per kilowatt-hour from 2022 to 2024
  • Cost of stationary energy storage projects


Ben Campbell, Research Manager, Battery Next, E Source
Shawn Wasim, Principal Researcher, Stationary Energy Storage, E Source
Brock Fisher, Battery Analyst, Battery Next, E Source

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