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Download the slides | A battery costs how much? Understanding battery pricing with E Source Battery data tools (PDF)

Batteries have become an integral part of the electric grid, and utilities now boast battery management as one of their core competencies. A tidal wave of energy storage is expected to hit the grid in the coming years, and it’s critical that utilities understand battery pricing. To build that understanding, utilities use the industry-leading E Source Battery Cost Model to learn about the current and future states of battery pricing, negotiate battery and project costs, index materials sensitivity, design energy storage RFPs, and more. This webinar will introduce you to the model and how you can use it.

We cover:

  • What the E Source Battery Cost Model is
  • How different types of utility decision-makers use the tool
  • Where the Battery Cost Model fits in with other products in the E Source Battery Next Service


“Sam Jaffe”, Vice President, Battery Storage Solutions, E Source

Who should attend:

Utility and energy storage professionals who are interested in understanding the dynamics of battery pricing. Members of the E Source Battery Next Advisory Service should also attend.

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