Steven Day researches distributed energy resources, specifically electric vehicles and solar energy. Before joining E Source, he worked for a wind engineering firm, where he focused on business development, and for a renewable-energy advocacy group, where he promoted solar projects at the local level. Steve holds a masters degree in political science from Colorado State University and he has a passion for politics and for promoting the protection and conservation of the environment.

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Fleet electrification: Highlights from our latest voice-of-the-utility research

Steven Day
June 29, 2023

Join our webinar to see highlights from the E Source 2023 Fleet Electrification Utility Survey. We’ll cover the latest utility trends, programs, and plans related to nonresidential fleet electrification. You can use this information to help prioritize your fleet electrification initiatives.

Performance-based regulatory strategies to accelerate beneficial electrification

Jesse Hitchcock, Meryl Compton, Bill LeBlanc, Steven Day
March 30, 2022

Are you running into regulatory roadblocks as you pursue beneficial electrification? In this report, we explain how policy changes can help utilities align their electrification goals with societal benefits, like reducing carbon emissions.

How do you design solar programs for low-income customers?

Steven Day
May 4, 2020

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic impacts, more people have joined the low- and moderate-income population. You can support these customers by adjusting your solar programs to help them save on their bills.

Stop calling electric vehicle rates “time of use”

Steven Day, Arthi Padmanabhan
March 5, 2020

We found that utilities and customers like electric vehicle (EV) time-of-use (TOU) rates, but customers don't like the phrase "time of use." In this e-book we summarize our research on TOU rates and customers’ perceptions of them. We also tell you how to improve your TOU rate.

Strategic electrification: Insights to spark your interests

Steven Day, Ryan Odell, Laura Ruff Agard
May 6, 2019

Electrification is a hot topic in the utility industry. We created an infographic with information from our 2018 Utility DER Strategy Benchmark and from our 2018 Electrification Forum Session to help you get kick-start your strategy. See what other utilities are saying!