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Download the slides | Fleet electrification: Highlights from our latest voice-of-the-utility research (PDF)

Nonresidential fleet electrification is quickly taking on a crucial role in the move to electrify transportation. To help utilities understand the state of fleet electrification, we fielded the E Source 2023 Fleet Electrification Utility Survey. We collected feedback from those who oversee fleet electrification activities at their utility, such as fleet advisory program managers and internal utility fleet managers, with the goal of identifying strategies to get started with and buy-in for fleet electrification.

Join us for insights that will help you prioritize fleet electrification initiatives at your utility.

Topics include:

  • Nonresidential fleet electrification activities, challenges, and strategies
  • Customer offerings for fleet electrification
  • Customer experience around fleet electrification
  • Fleet electrification budgets, priorities, and plans for the coming years


Steven Day, Manager, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source

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