Since 2009, E Source has been conducting the Account Management Assessment, a web-based survey of utility account management practices and strategic approaches to managing business customers. We develop the survey questions based on E Source expertise and past surveys, research on best practices in account management for all industries, and utility input. We compare participating utilities according to how closely their account management practices align with best practices. The resulting ranking illustrates how these utilities perform compared to their peers, and it identifies strengths and weaknesses to help utilities prioritize goals for future improvement.

Who Can Participate and What Do You Get?

All E Source member utilities may join the Account Management Assessment and will be invited to the results web conference where we’ll highlight key results from the industry report and discuss our findings.

Additionally, members of the E Source Account Management Service or Business Customer Suite will receive:

  • The industry report. You’ll get access to best practices and trends in account management from throughout the industry, focusing on business customer experience and satisfaction, account management structure, business customer engagement, and account and sector planning.
  • A custom report. You’ll get an individualized assessment of your account management practices, comparing your utility to other utilities and industry best practices. Results will be presented in an online dashboard, which will help you gauge current account management practices and set targets for future improvement.
  • Expert consultation with E Source (upon request). You’ll have the opportunity to review your results with the E Source team, and we’ll draw on our collective experience with industry best practices to help you formulate an action plan.

If you’re interested in receiving the full set of deliverables, but your utility does not subscribe to the E Source Account Management Service or Business Customer Suite, please email us.


We’re not currently accepting study participants. To be notified when work begins on the next study, please contact us.


Thirty-two of the survey questions that indicate best practices in account management are scored and placed into one of four equally weighted categories:

  • Business customer experience and satisfaction
  • Account management structure
  • Business customer engagement
  • Account and sector planning

We used each utility’s weighted average score to create an overall ranking of participants. Utilities with the highest weighted average scores rank at the top and have more account management practices that align with industry best practices than utilities with lower weighted average scores and lower rankings.

Study Results

If you’re a subscriber, these links will take you to the study deliverables. If you’re not currently a subscriber, you may contact us for information on membership to pertinent E Source services.

Example of Account Management Assessment Findings

This is a thumbnail of an Account Management Assessment infographic

How a Younger Workforce Affects Trends in Account Manager Salary and Tenure

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Example of Account Management Assessment Findings

This is a thumbnail of an Account Management Assessment infographic

You Can Assign an Average of 40 Customers Per Key Account Manager

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