The 2021 E Source Account Management Assessment is open! If you’re interested in participating, please read the information below and fill out the form.

Utility account management departments are a core piece of the utility business customer experience. Business customers want excellent service, and you need to deliver on their expectations. One way to help meet those needs is by participating in the Account Management Assessment. Our assessment compares utility account management departments and performance, giving you valuable insight into how your organization and the industry at large are serving business customers.

What you get

We’ll invite all participants to a webinar where we’ll discuss our key findings, and all participants will receive a data summary.

Participants who are members of the E Source Account Management Service will also receive:

  • An online dashboard with their individualized assessment, ranked against the performance of other utility participants
  • A personalized data consultation upon request
  • Access to reports on key insights and trends

Contact us if you’re interested in receiving the full set of deliverables but your utility does not subscribe to the Account Management Service.


The Account Management Assessment should be completed by utility professionals holding management and leadership roles in account management departments. If you’d like to participate, please fill out the form below and we’ll contact you once we’ve opened the study.


Survey questions that indicate best practices in account management are scored and placed into one of four equally weighted categories:

  • Business customer experience and satisfaction
  • Account management structure
  • Business customer engagement
  • Account and sector planning

All utility weighted average scores are rolled up to create an overall ranking of participants. Utilities with more account management practices aligned with industry best practices will rank toward the top of the benchmark.

Study results

If you subscribe to the Account Management Service, these links will take you to the study deliverables. If you’re not currently a subscriber and wish to access these deliverables, contact us for information.