Make smart decisions by better understanding your customers.

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Fueled by the E Source Business Customer Satisfaction Study—a survey of small, midsize, and large business customers—this online analysis tool provides sector-specific information about the energy needs and attitudes of utilities’ business customers. Understanding their communication preferences, interest in energy efficiency, and decision-making processes can help you more effectively reach your business customers and successfully market efficiency programs, products, and energy-saving opportunities to them.

The Business Customer Insights Center is populated with important data to help you understand:

  • What the decision-making process is for energy-efficiency program uptake
  • Who the decision-makers are
  • Which resources customers trust for energy-efficiency advice
  • Who’s participating in programs and which offerings these customers are interested in
  • What these customers perceive as barriers to program participation
  • Which channels these customers prefer for communicating with their energy provider

Using the Business Customer Insights Center online dashboard, you can dive deeper into our data to better understand differences among business consumers. For examples:

  • Focus the data on a specific business size (small, midsize, or large)
  • Review results for more than 15 different business sectors
Screenshot of a chart generated by the E Source Business Customer Insights Center. It shows available filters and questions that you can use to customize your data.