Distributed energy resources (DERs) are challenging utilities in multiple ways—from high-level strategy and planning to more tactical efforts such as rate-making, program and service development, customer education and communications, and the evolution of internal organizational structures. Our 2018 Utility DER Strategy Benchmark will present a detailed overview of utility DER-related activities based on a survey of US and Canadian utilities. Participating utilities will gain insights into their own strategies’ strengths and gaps as well as ideas for future efforts.

What you get

All participants will receive a summary of the results, highlighting key insights and trends. Additionally, members of the E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service will receive:

  • An in-depth report with key findings and considerations from the survey
  • In-depth reports that explore specific topical areas covered in the benchmark
  • Access to a member-only web conference where we’ll detail the most relevant findings

If you’re interested in receiving the full set of deliverables, but your utility does not subscribe to the E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service, please contact us.

Topics we cover

Our study dives into DER-related topics such as:

  • Definition of DERs
  • Anticipated types and magnitude of impacts
  • Drivers and barriers
  • Role or business model implications
  • Pilots and programs
  • Education and communication efforts
  • Rate changes
  • Organizational structures and budgets
  • Innovation-related efforts


We’re looking for utility personnel who are closely involved with their utility’s DER strategy. The 2018 survey is now closed. If you’d like to participate in 2019, fill out the form below.

Study results

If you’re a subscriber, these links will take you to the study deliverables. If you’re not currently a subscriber, you may contact us for information on membership to pertinent E Source services.

Example of Utility DER Strategy Benchmark Findings

This is a thumbnail of the infographic Key Findings from the 2018 E Source Utility DER Strategy Benchmark

Key Findings from the 2018 E Source Utility DER Strategy Benchmark

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