Rachel Cooper is responsible for strategic planning, account engagement, team management, and project execution. She manages and oversees the market research studies conducted at E Source and works collaboratively across the research department to publish data and findings with one goal in mind: to help E Source members better understand and interact with their own customers. Rachel has led the development of successful and groundbreaking software, data analytics, and market research products during her 13 years with E Source. And she brings more than 25 years of market research experience to the company, previously having managed omnibus resident and policy surveys for local governments throughout the US. She earned a BA in sociology from South Dakota State University and an MA in clinical sociology from the University of Northern Colorado. She also holds an Insights Professional Certification (IPC) from the Insights Professional Certification Board for the Insights Association.

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Empowering utilities with market research: Strategies for a customer-centric transformation

Rachel Cooper, Sara Patnaude
October 17, 2023

Understanding customers on a personal level and fostering innovation has never been more critical for utilities. Read this interview with Rachel Cooper, Director of Market Research, to learn more about the transformative power of market research.

How market research helps keep utilities’ fingers on the pulse of an ever-changing landscape

Rachel Cooper
August 24, 2023

Did you know? Market research can empower utilities to navigate the hurdles and pressure to meet ambitious goals, maximize their resources, and effectively engage their customers, ensuring a sustainable and successful future.

Virtual power plants: How the E Source DER Insights Center gives utilities valuable insights into affordable solutions

Barend Dronkers, Rachel Cooper
May 17, 2023

Virtual power plants (VPPs) are making a comeback, but utilities often need complex software to coordinate and deploy these technologies. In this blog post, we explore how the E Source DER Insights Center can help utilities build VPPs and design effective distributed energy resource (DER) programs.

Channels, goals, and resources: Highlights from the 2021 Social Media Survey

Rachel Cooper, Cory Coggins
July 30, 2021

The E Source 2021 Social Media Survey uncovered the social media strategies, support structures, and approaches to content creation of nearly 30 utilities. In this summary of some key results, learn about the goals utilities have for social media and how they organize their social media efforts.

Use microtargeting techniques to achieve your energy-efficiency goals

Rachel Cooper
June 25, 2020

COVID-19 has shaken up your customers; they don’t look the same as they did six months ago. To make sure your demand-side management programs achieve your savings goals, you’ll need to resegment your residential customers. Join us to learn how E Source and Claritas can help.