Rachel Cooper develops and implements market research studies, critically analyzes data, and interprets findings to help E Source members better understand and interact with their own customer base. She manages and oversees a variety of market research and associated deliverables, working across the organization to incorporate data from the company's surveys and industry benchmarks in research content deliverables. Rachel brings more than a dozen years of market research experience to E Source, previously having managed omnibus resident and policy surveys for local governments across the US. She earned a BA in sociology from South Dakota State University and an MA in clinical sociology from the University of Northern Colorado. She also has a Professional Researcher Certification (PRC) from the Professional Researcher Certification Board for the Marketing Research Association.

Content by This Author

Educating Canadian Customers About the Benefits of HEM

Rachel Cooper
November 7, 2017

Canadian utilities have an opportunity to educate customers who are interested in home energy management (HEM) on the potential benefits of the smart home, including the ability to monitor and reduce their energy use. Our handy infographic explains which customers to target and how to reach them.

Top 10 Customer-Preferred Utility Website Features

Laura Ruff, Heather Hilgenkamp, Rachel Cooper
October 12, 2017

Which website features are most important to residential customers? Do preferences differ by electronic device? We've created an at-a-glance reference of the top customer-preferred utility website features for computers and mobile devices.

The Eclipse Gives Center Stage to Solar Education

Rachel Cooper
August 21, 2017

Customers aren’t receiving the solar information they want from their utilities. Instead, according to our research, they're getting their information from TV, the Internet, and friends. The solar eclipse is a great opportunity to connect with your customers on solar. How are you doing it?

Customers Who View Their Utility as Supportive of Solar Energy Report Higher Satisfaction

Sarah Hutson, Rachel Cooper
December 7, 2016

Customers who see their utility as solar-supportive of solar energy are more likely to give their electric provider an excellent rating. You may ask yourself how this shakes out among various groups of residential customers. This infographic highlights attributes of those who give high ratings.

Finding the Red Thread in Customer Segmentation

Rachel Cooper
September 12, 2016

How can utilities optimize outreach and marketing efforts using segmentation and customer data? Join us at the Forum 2016 session "Understand, Find, and Engage Your Customers with Segmentation and Customer Data" to learn how a few standout utilities are focusing first and foremost on the customer.