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Many utility customers continue to struggle to pay their utility bills. As a result, customers are increasingly relying on energy assistance. But the current customer experience around the energy assistance process can be frustrating, time-consuming, and costly for all parties. There’s a clear business case, regulatory driver, and customer need to get this process right.

Join us to learn how you can use customer journey mapping to improve the low-income customer experience. We’ll discuss what everyone involved can do to make a difference, including utilities, agency partners, and customers.

Potential topics include:

  • Identifying key points in a low-income energy assistance customer journey and common elements of the current customer experience when accessing assistance programs
  • Hearing direct feedback from utility customers who seek energy assistance
  • Creating stronger outcomes for utilities, energy assistance agencies, and customers
  • Informing utility teams with a shared vision for the customer journey and preparing a process improvement roadmap


Jamie Wimberly, Senior Vice President, Utility Customer Strategy, E Source
Ben Nathan, Director, Affordability and Equity, E Source
Lisa Schulte, Product Strategist, Customer Experience, E Source
Rachel Cooper, Director, Market Research, E Source
Katie Ruiz, Senior Solution Director, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source

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