Ben Nathan leads research and advisement to utilities on energy affordability and equity. He specializes in identifying and sharing leading strategies and fostering collaborations to assist utility clients in planning, implementing, and evaluating their efforts to better serve income-qualified and other vulnerable populations. Before he joined E Source, Ben worked at the US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Renewable Energy Lab, where he assisted federal, state and local government, and tribal partners in clean energy planning and air and water protection. He has a BA in geography from the George Washington University and an MA in city planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

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Strategic perspectives on managing the affordability challenge

Ben Nathan, Sara Patnaude
February 14, 2024

Recently, at our Low-Income Energy Issues Forum annual meeting, utility leaders came together to share how they have been addressing the affordability challenge. In this blog, we share a few of the solutions from participating utilities.

Equity and the utility customer: Findings from 2023 surveys

Ben Nathan
January 18, 2024

In 2023, the Equity in the Clean Energy Economy collaborative conducted two voice-of-the-customer surveys focused on various equity-related issues. Join us to dive into the survey findings and what they might mean for utilities and their efforts to improve affordability and equity.

Utility regulators–only review of LMI customer perspectives: Findings from the LIEIF-DSM survey

Ben Nathan
January 17, 2024

Managing affordability is a critical need and strategic priority for utility industry stakeholders. Join us for a utility regulators–only webinar to review the findings from the E Source Low Income Energy Issues Forum (LIEIF) survey of 1,000 low- and moderate-income (LMI) consumers.

How labor analytics can empower your utility to achieve program goals

Ben Nathan
December 11, 2023

Join us to explore the role of labor analytics in helping utilities reach and exceed their goals related to energy conservation, clean energy, emission reductions, and community engagement . Learn how labor analytics is a pivotal, yet underutilized, element in the clean energy transition.

The utility affordability crisis: A call to simplify access to energy assistance programs

Ben Nathan, Jamie Wimberly
November 8, 2023

With more than 60% of low-income households in the US facing a high energy burden, we’re taking the next step with a petition to urge utilities, regulators, and other industry partners to make it easier for customers to access critical, available energy assistance and affordability services.