Ben Nathan leads research and advisement to utilities and cities on energy affordability and equity. Before he joined E Source, Ben worked at the US Department of Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory where he helped states, local governments, and public utilities with their energy planning and management. He received a BA in geography from the George Washington University and an MA in city planning from the University of Pennsylvania.

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One year in: Analyzing the Inflation Reduction Act through the lens of affordability and equity

Ben Nathan, Jamie Wimberly
August 17, 2023

We’re one year in to the Inflation Reduction Act. How is this milestone legislation impacting energy and affordability issues? Read on to get our perspective.

The equitable utility: What it means and how executives are getting there

Ben Nathan, Jamie Wimberly
June 28, 2023

For years, utilities have been working toward a massive transition to electrification on the back of renewable energies. But now, the conversation has shifted beyond just generation and distribution: How can utilities make this transition equitable?

Forging a path to a brighter energy future for all

Ben Nathan
October 27, 2022

Energy equity continues to be the priority for many in the utility industry. And we don’t expect these important efforts to lose momentum any time soon. Let’s reflect on what the utility industry has accomplished so far, based on each element of the E Source energy equity framework.

Why it’s crucial to incorporate equity into transportation electrification plans

Liza Minor, Ben Nathan, Jesse Hitchcock, Brenna Raeder
September 28, 2022

Transportation is electrifying across the US and Canada, and electrification plans need to benefit all customers. Find out why it’s important to incorporate equity into your transportation electrification plan and manage the grid impacts of EVs.

Working Together for an Equitable Energy Future

Ben Nathan
August 25, 2022

Watch the recordings and download the presentations from the 2022 Equity in a Clean Energy Economy workshop.