Lisa Schulte is a research analyst for the customer experience (CX) team at E Source. With a background in market research and customer insights, Lisa provides utilities with knowledge on using data and customer voices to drive CX improvements. Lisa previously worked closely on customer insights across a range of brands, including Clorox, Kingsford, Burt’s Bees, Paulaner Brewery, and Disney Interactive. Lisa holds dual degrees from Colorado State University.

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How to pay your utility bill during COVID-19

Lisa Schulte
April 9, 2020

You’re about to get your first utility bill after one month in COVID-19 confinement. If you think you’re going to have trouble paying it, we have advice on how to make payment arrangements with your utility, enroll in assistance programs, and manage your energy use to avoid debt after the crisis.

Achievements in Utility Customer and Employee Experience: 2019 Winners

Lisa Schulte
January 8, 2020

After the Achievements in Utility Customer and Employee Experience session, ComEd's Arielle Resol talked about how the utility uses virtual reality modules for employee training and how the program helped increase employee satisfaction.

What Emerging Payment Options Should Utilities Be Offering?

Lisa Schulte
June 12, 2019

You have the opportunity to add emerging payment methods to your current offerings and to create a better customer experience. Learn more about six emerging payment methods, including text to pay, split payment, and cryptocurrency.

What Are Best Practices for Noting Gender in Customer Accounts?

Lisa Schulte
July 26, 2018

When a utility's call center representative assumes a caller's gender based on the sound of their voice, it can lead to confusion and poor customer service. Find out how to train your call center staff to provide transgender-inclusive service in their communications.

Huntsville Utilities Knows How to Win Back Customers

Lisa Schulte
February 1, 2018

When Huntsville Utilities’ customers began driving to its office because it was quicker than calling customer service, the utility knew it needed to make some changes. Customer service manager Kim Torres explains the tactics Huntsville Utilities used to rebuild its relationship with customers.