Lisa Schulte helps utilities improve their customer experience, customer care operations, and digital experiences with customer data and feedback. She spends her time writing reports, providing one-on-one guidance to utility members, and leading events like leadership councils, web conferences, and peer sharing calls. Lisa previously worked at a market research firm working with brands including Clorox, Kingsford, Burt’s Bees, Paulaner, and Disney Interactive. Lisa holds dual degrees from Colorado State University.

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The energy assistance customer journey: Mapping and improving the experience for low-income customers

Jamie Wimberly, Rachel Cooper, Ben Nathan, Lisa Schulte, Katie Ruiz
June 13, 2024

Join us to learn how you can use customer journey mapping to better understand the current customer journey and improve the low-income customer experience. We’ll discuss what everyone involved can do to make a difference, including utilities, agency partners, and customers.

Enter today to be honored for a 2024 Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience award!

Laurie Day, Lisa Schulte
April 17, 2024

Each year we celebrate the great work utilities are doing to create excellent experiences for their customers and provide a supportive and empowering workplace for their employees. Tell us about your triumphs today for a chance to win a 2024 Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience award!

Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience: 2023 honorees

Lisa Schulte, Laurie Day
October 3, 2023

Happy CX Day! To celebrate, we’re honoring this year’s winners of the Achievements in Customer and Employee Experience—utilities that are creating excellent experiences for their customers and providing a supportive and engaging workplace for their employees.

Consider banking status when examining utility customer payment needs

Lisa Schulte, Dannah Moore
August 15, 2023

Banking status affects how customers pay their bills and is an important demographic to consider when examining customer payment needs. Learn how banking status and income level affect utility customers’ payment behaviors and how utilities can offer equitable payment options to customers.

What are best practices for noting gender in customer accounts?

Lisa Schulte
April 26, 2023

When a contact center representative (CSR) assumes a caller’s gender based on the sound of their voice, it can lead to confusion and poor customer service. Find out how to train your CSRs to be more gender inclusive and better support customers.