From electric vehicle (EV) adoption to brand reputation and from smart homes to marketing initiatives, putting customers’ needs first when building or revamping your programs will ensure that what you’re offering is what customers are asking for.

But how do you know what customers want? That’s where ethnographic research comes in.

What is ethnographic research?

Ethnography focuses on individuals, examining their behavior in real time through direct engagement. Traditional forms of data collection, such as surveys and email outreach, don’t capture customers’ true sentiments and raw honesty. Ethnographic research gives us insights into their emotions and needs, delivering the data required to create effective programs that are attractive to customers, such as:

  • Connected homes
  • Low income
  • Residential EVs
  • Small business customer experience
  • Small business engagement

Listen to our podcast Episode 3: Humans versus machines to hear Ted Schultz, E Source CEO, and Adam Maxwell, a managing director for E Source Management Consulting, compare the benefits of ethnographic research and data science.

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Key benefits

Our combination of ethnography and design thinking is unparalleled in the industry and ensures that you can develop the right solutions that your customers will love.

Enhance the likelihood of success in the marketplace and exceed your program goals

Gain invaluable insights into customer attitudes, motivations, values, and behaviors

Better understand underlying and often unexpressed needs

Develop solutions that resonate with customers

How does it work?

E Source Management Consulting partners with your organization to help bring you closer to your customers with ethnographic research. In addition, we use a design-thinking approach to:

  • Develop new products and programs
  • Redesign customer experiences
  • Improve marketing and communications
  • Revamp stagnant programs

We’re on your team

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