Hear from Ted Schultz, E Source CEO, and Adam Maxwell, a managing director for E Source Management Consulting, as they compare the merits of ethnographic research and data science.

What’s better for customer research? Data science identifies your target individuals at a macro level, while ethnography humanizes those insights. Is a blend the best option? Is one better than the other? Host Bryan Jungers, director of mobility, talks with our experts to find out.



  • 1:08 | Intros
  • 3:38 | Two truths and a lie
  • 5:08 | Data science and ethnography. Why are they important in the first place?
  • 7:35 | How do we account for emotion in our data?
  • 9:32 | The value of data
  • 12:50 | How is E Source bringing these two worlds together?
  • 19:59 | Serving customers with relevant, equitable programs
  • 25:37 | Outro: How do you pronounce data correctly?

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Director of Mobility, Customer Energy Solutions

Bryan Jungers conducts research on emerging, energy-efficient, and distributed energy resource technologies. His main areas of expertise lie in...