Eryc Eyl is committed to improving the experience of work and business for employees and customers. His expertise in customer experience, employee engagement, organizational culture, and change comes from more than two decades of experience in high tech, telecommunications, consumer goods, and the utility sector, as well as from coaching and consulting with clients in a variety of industries. Eryc earned an MA from the University of Colorado and a BA from Vassar College. He’s a recognized expert on work-life balance and is certified in organizational culture and change management.

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Utilities support diversity, equity, and inclusion, and so does E Source

Jessica Bailis, Eryc Eyl
June 12, 2020

Since May 30, we’ve seen 21 utilities across the US and Canada issue public statements of support for the Black Lives Matter movement. Like our utility customers, E Source supports Black Lives Matter and the broader movement for inclusion, diversity, equity, and access.

Benchmarking utility customer experience management and strategy

Eryc Eyl
March 4, 2020

The opportunities to improve the utility customer experience are nearly infinite, but most organizations don’t have the resources to tackle everything effectively. The E Source Customer Experience Survey can help you decide where to focus, but we need your help. Sign up today to participate!

Engaging employees in the utility customer experience

Eryc Eyl
February 20, 2020

Utilities that want to become more customer-centric need to do more than just implement new technology, increase first-contact resolution, and update their branding. They need employees in all functions and at all levels to think and work in customer-centric ways.

How BGE used E Source expertise to engage its employees and improve the customer experience

Eryc Eyl
January 21, 2020

BGE used E Source research, resources, and customer experience (CX) expertise to engage employees across the organization in CX. As a result, the utility moved up three places among its peers in the J.D. Power Electric Utility Customer Satisfaction Study. Learn how you can replicate BGE’s success.

How technology is transforming the employee experience

Eryc Eyl
December 11, 2019

When employees have the right empowerment tools, they're more satisfied, engaged, and productive. After her E Source Forum 2019 session, Martha Brown, portal product owner at Duke Energy, shared how she built an intranet that meets corporate and employee needs.