Eryc Eyl focuses on the power of customer experience, organizational effectiveness, change management, employee engagement, and culture to optimize utility operations. His expertise in leveraging the connections between employee experience and customer experience comes from nearly two decades of experience in high tech, telecommunications, and consumer packaged goods as well as from coaching and consulting with clients in a variety of industries. Eryc is also a recognized expert on work-life balance. He holds an MA from the University of Colorado, a BA from Vassar College, and a Certified Customer Experience Professional designation from the Customer Experience Professionals Association. He is also a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner.

Content by This Author

Even with Leadership Buy-In, CX Implementation Doesn't Always Happen

Heather Hilgenkamp, Eryc Eyl
November 12, 2018

What steps can you take to better implement customer experience at your organization? Learn a few helpful recommendations, driven by findings from our 2018 E Source Customer Experience Survey, in our latest infographic!

These Utilities Love Their Customers (and Their Employees)

Eryc Eyl
October 2, 2018

E Source is proud to participate in the 6th annual CX Day: a global celebration of the companies and professionals that create great experiences for their customers. To celebrate, we're highlighting the winners of the 2018 Achievements in Utility Customer and Employee Experience.

E Source Customer Experience Glossary

Jeffrey Daigle, Eryc Eyl, Keenan Samuelson
January 23, 2017

This glossary of customer experience terms will give you insight into buzzwords that may be unfamiliar to you. We'll continue to make updates, and we encourage you to submit yours to us.

Transforming Utility Culture: Improving Safety, Customer Experience and Innovation

Eryc Eyl
July 22, 2016

If you Google “how to transform company culture,” you’ll get nearly 4 million results. A shocking number of those are “4 steps,” “5 tips,” or “10 principles” of culture change. But is it really that simple? Find out at an informative, challenging, and inspiring E Source Forum session.

To Improve Customer Experience, Banish the Culture Bogeyman

Eryc Eyl
December 31, 2015

Almost invariably, when I’m discussing the topic of customer experience (CX) with utility professionals, the topic of culture comes up. But is culture just a convenient scapegoat—a bogeyman we can blame for holding back CX progress? Or can we do something about it?