Tom Martin works directly with clients on the execution of E Source data science. Prior to this role, Tom worked at PG&E, where he led the implementation of new technology and analytics in support of PG&E’s electric operations as the utility looked to reduce operational costs, improve safety, and increase reliability in support of grid modernization.

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Utility risk management: Why ‘the way we’ve always done it’ is now the riskier approach

Tom Martin
October 13, 2021

Well-worn, “safe” risk management approaches that may not deliver results but don’t rock the boat are beginning to come under pressure due to macroenvironmental factors. Find out why doing what we’ve always done may be perceived as safer, but may not be the best option for risk management.

How to use predictive data science to plan for utility operations post-COVID-19

Tom Martin
May 20, 2020

COVID-19 has affected every major industry around the world. For example, utilities have stopped shutoffs for nonpayment at least through May 31. No doubt a necessary act, but it will cause complications: a significant number of utility customers will be overdue on their bills in the next 24 months.