Jeffrey Daigle is an expert on contact center operations, customer experience, channel design, operations, digital engagement, and journey mapping. For Jeffrey, all channels can serve to delight the customer, transform behavior, and result in positive outcomes for both the customer and the organization. When he isn't evangelizing customer experience, working on a consulting project, or writing an article, Jeffrey can be found dissecting the latest technology. He holds a BAS in communication and French from the University of Colorado and is a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP).

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Developing Your Future-Forward Customer Contact Channel Strategy

Keenan Samuelson; Jeffrey Daigle
March 21, 2019

Contact channels that weren't common a few years ago (such as chat) are now mainstream and necessary to deliver a positive customer experience. With so many new opportunities for connecting with customers, you need a clearly articulated strategy to prioritize your customer contact dollars.

E Source Customer Experience Glossary

Jeffrey Daigle, Eryc Eyl, Keenan Samuelson
December 6, 2018

This glossary of customer experience (CX) terms will help you understand common CX buzzwords that you may be unfamiliar with. We'll continue to make updates, and we encourage you to send us your definitions. We're all better off when we're speaking the same language!

Evaluating Emerging Technology Using Journey Mapping

Jeffrey Daigle
March 14, 2018

Journey mapping is one of the most powerful tools in the customer-experience realm, but other departments can benefit from this tool. Join E Source as we explore how journey mapping can improve your emerging technology evaluation process.

Journey Mapping Your Demand-Response Programs

Jeffrey Daigle
February 14, 2018

Journey mapping is one of the best tools within the customer experience realm, and it offers benefits to other organizations within the utility. Join E Source as we explore a demand-response journey from the customer's perspective and identify areas to improve.

Journey Mapping Your Employee Experience

Jeffrey Daigle
January 11, 2018

Journey mapping is one of the best tools to improve the customer experience, but it can be just as great for improving the employee experience. Join E Source as we share the power of journey mapping and the 6 Es of employee experience.