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When you’re a member of the E Source Residential Marketing Service, you’ll learn to target the right customers with the right offerings, stay on top of the latest residential marketing strategies within and outside the utility industry, and hone your campaigns with specific recommendations. With the service, you’ll get:

  • Feedback and recommendations for your residential marketing campaigns from our team of analysts and our in-depth research on residential marketing topics
  • Access to our growing collection of residential customer survey data, filterable by location and demographics, to help you target the customers who are most interested in your offerings
  • A better understanding of how your residential marketing strategy compares to others’ when it comes to segmentation, attribution and return on investment, project management, and more

Ask our experts unlimited questions

Answers from our experts on residential marketing will help you meet your goals to increase program enrollments, revenue from products or services, or adoption of cost-reducing offerings such as paperless billing and outage alerts. We’ll also answer questions about residential marketing operations and organizational structures. Learn more about our Ask E Source program (PDF).

Access our library of research

We deliver insights on how to best serve your residential customers with our industry- and customer-based research.

Use our exclusive residential marketing–related tools

The Residential Customer Insights Centers contain thousands of survey responses from US Residential Customer Insights Center and Canadian Residential Customer Insights Center residential customers; they span multiple years and hundreds of variables to help you see what matters to those customers. Enhance your residential marketing with Energy AdVision, our database of more than 3,500 advertisements created by utilities that target residential customers.

Be part of our benchmark studies and other proprietary market research

Improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by participating in the Utility Marketing Survey, and get insights into how the industry uses marketing automation tools through the Marketing Automation Tools Study.

Attend our free residential marketing–focused events

Collaborate and interact with industry experts and your peers at topically relevant meetings and web conferences as well as our annual E Source Forum. Recent topics include driving electric vehicle adoption through experiential marketing and how to create an end-to-end digital strategy.

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