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We have the expertise to help you meet regulatory requirements, address market demand, and prioritize your transportation electrification (TE) efforts. We understand your priorities, challenges, workflows, and structures and can show you how to move from offering ad-hoc programs to designing and integrating a forward-looking customer-centric strategy. With the service, you get:

  • Access to our research and expertise to help with strategy and program design. Our team studies TE plans and evaluation results so you don’t have to, and we’ve helped dozens of utilities develop consumer and fleet electrification strategies.
  • Deep insights into TE plans to enhance your TE strategy and support your filings by exploring how utilities are allocating their TE budgets and projecting grid impacts. E Source TE Insights delivers access to utility TE plans so you can benchmark your portfolio.
  • Advice on vendor capabilities and technology performance for unbiased, third-party tech validation.
  • Proprietary market research so you can proactively support customers’ TE journeys while encouraging EV adoption.

Ask our experts unlimited questions

Answers from our mobility experts will inform the design, implementation, and education strategies of your EV and mobility programs. Learn more about our Ask E Source program (PDF). Common questions we answer include:

  • How can we help fleets in our territory build an electrification roadmap?
  • How are utilities structuring their mobility teams and what are the roles on those teams?
  • Which segments of our residential customers should we focus outreach and managed charging efforts on?
  • What are leading utilities’ evaluated impacts, costs, and benefits for using EV telematics as a load management resource?
  • What are the most effective strategies for communicating about EV rebates, benefits, and maintenance costs?

Access our library of research

You’ll gain access to our reports and thought leadership papers to keep you up to date on trends related to transporation electrification, EVs, and other mobility topics. Facilitated information-sharing sessions with our experts and your peers will help you address all aspects of utility mobility portfolios. You can find research on strategic planning and program design, charging technology assessment and validation, customer engagement, and more.

Use our exclusive EV-related tools

With TE Insights, you can explore utility TE plans, annual TE reports, EV-specific rates, and program incentives. Plus, you get full access to the document library.

Participate in our benchmarking studies and other proprietary market research

Bring the voice of your customers into your mobility strategy to better understand their needs, program participation potential, and preferences around major changes in their community, like EV charging locations. Our market research can be customized for your territory and helps make sure your portfolio is designed around what’s best for the customer.

Attend our mobility-focused events

We’ll invite your TE executives to an exclusive, vendor-free, and technology-neutral roundtable discussion that takes place in Denver every year, on the day before the E Source Forum.

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Deliver a consistent experience through your EV programs

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E Source Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service

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