Easy access to impact and process evaluations from hundreds of DSM programs.

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The E Source DSM Evaluation Library is a searchable database of energy-efficiency and demand-response program evaluations. This tool is the first of its kind, the only place that brings together evaluations from across North America into one easily accessible, searchable database. The library includes both impact evaluations and process evaluations.

DSM Evaluation Library screenshot

Utilities can use the DSM Evaluation Library to:

  • Access more data. When you need to benchmark the results of a program, you can compare with data across multiple organizations, not just those programs that your utility has evaluated.
  • Save time. This tool brings all of the published evaluations together in one searchable database so you don’t have to spend valuable time combing through disparate sources.
  • Get best-practice recommendations. Find recommendations and best practices that are applicable to your programs. You’ll have access to additional data, beyond annual reports, to see how similar programs fared.