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Download the slides | Optimizing vegetation management: Why data allows us to make better decisions than ever before (PDF)

Vegetation management might be a utility’s biggest annual expense in operations and maintenance (O&M). Trees don’t stop growing, and they’re often the number-one cause of power loss across the industry. For such a costly part of your business, you can’t afford to keep doing what you’ve always done.

The time has come to take advantage of predictive data and machine learning to make smarter decisions in vegetation management. Utilities that do so will reduce O&M costs, improve reliability, minimize problems from unplanned work, and ultimately improve safety and customer satisfaction.

In this webinar we’ll discuss how data can help enhance and optimize vegetation management processes. And we’ll explain how reinvesting in other measures that improve reliability can give you the biggest bang for every vegetation management dollar you have.

We’ll discuss:

  • How to use the data you have to improve the electric grid
  • How to optimize capital spending and O&M costs
  • How to increase safety, reliability, and resiliency


Patrick Eisenhauer, Engagement Manager, Data Science, E Source
Jonah Keim, Managing Director, Data Science, E Source
Jesse Woods, Vice President, Data Science, E Source

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