As the data science director for E Source Oneinform, Will Gifford helps people turn customer analytics into tools. He joined E Source through the TROVE acquisition in 2020. For over 15 years before that he applied statistical and machine learning models to complex problems in the energy industry, helping utilities use the data that’s available to them. Prior to joining TROVE, Will worked at KEMA, which later became DNV GL, and he started his career at the Energy Information Administration. He holds a master’s in applied statistics and a BS in stats and math, both from the University of Michigan.

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How utilities can detect and predict Level 2 EV charger activity to improve capacity planning and grid impacts

Will Gifford, Bryan Jungers
September 28, 2023

EVs are on the rise and, with them, Level 2 chargers. And while individual EVs have a minimal impact on the grid, higher concentrations and an increase of Level 2 chargers can stress the distribution system. Read this blog post to learn how a data-driven approach can help utilities plan for EVs.

How utilities can save the day with data science and AMI data

Will Gifford
May 25, 2023

What if you could tell customers their HVAC system had a problem before it stopped working on the hottest day? What if you had the power to know everyone who owned an EV charger and could plan for those grid impacts? Find out how your utility can be the hero in your customers’ stories.

DSM participants are an Audience of One, not a segment of one: Bringing customers to the forefront of programs

Will Gifford
December 7, 2022

Last month, I attended the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference, where equity, distributed energy resources, and non-energy benefits were among the themes. The one thing missing the most, however, was the focus on the customer in demand-side management program evaluations.