E Source, the leading research, advisory, data science, and solution services provider for the utility industry, today announced the launch of the E Source Mobility practice. This new practice provides utilities with the insights and resources they need to transition from solely serving stationary loads and customers to becoming transportation fuel providers for the clean energy economy, the energy industry’s largest growth opportunity in a century. E Source forecasts as much as $90 billion in new annual revenue for the utility industry as transportation shifts to lower carbon sources. As utilities step into this new role, the Mobility practice is tailored to support their unique and emergent needs.

The Mobility practice supports utilities at every step of their clean transportation strategy. Clients turn to E Source to provide them with assurance that the programs they’re undertaking provide value throughout the customer journey. The new E Source offering provides access to timely industry analysis, portfolio benchmarking, critical trends, ecosystem networks, customer market research, and E Source experts to support utilities in transitioning from ad hoc clean transportation offerings to a forward-looking, customer-centric strategy for integrated mobility planning.

The goal of the Mobility practice is to advise utilities and provide the guidance they need to tackle the difficult issues they’re facing in the mobility space. E Source helps utilities effectively future-proof their programs and get ahead of fleet electrification, use managed charging to leverage vehicles as a grid resource, cut through the noise of selecting vendors to partner with for consumer EV adoption, and respond to ever-changing markets, priorities, funding availability, and regulatory requirements. From making the business case to assessing program performance, E Source supports the full life cycle of utility mobility activities. 

“The transition to a clean energy economy is a huge challenge and opportunity for the utility industry,” says Bryan Jungers, director of Mobility for E Source. “The industry has a unique chance now to lead this once-in-a-lifetime energy transition to a more sustainable future.”

The E Source Mobility Service has already secured several multistate and multifuel investor-owned and municipal utility clients. These utilities were attracted to the offering because they were looking for a partner who understands utility operations, programs, and the utility-customer journey.

“We’re excited to be one of the inaugural members of the E Source Mobility Service,” says Dave McKee, electrification program manager at JEA. “In the rapidly evolving electric mobility ecosystem, there’s great value in a resource like E Source. Developing an electric mobility strategy that works for the utility, the community, and the environment requires expertise and advanced market intelligence that we think only the E Source Mobility Service can provide.”

With the launch of the Mobility practice, E Source is furthering its commitment to sustainability and innovation. With over 35 years in the utility industry, the company has a long-standing tradition of providing cutting-edge subscription services, custom consulting, and data science solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. The Mobility practice adds new capabilities to the company’s impressive portfolio of existing services, including the E Source Technology Assessment Service, Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service, Demand-Side Management Service, and Battery Next. E Source has been leading utility EV initiatives for the past 15 years and is excited to expand its capabilities to support future utility growth.

“E Source has been closely following mobility trends and utility impacts for many years and we’ve seen increasing demand for a service to establish and advance utilities’ mobility portfolios,” concludes Jungers. “The transportation electrification market is rapidly evolving, and utilities seek expert guidance with developing, diversifying, and scaling programs, services, and mobility-related investments. E Source has long been a trusted partner for utilities and the new Mobility practice will help utilities ensure that they’re going down the right clean transportation road for their customers and grid operations.”

Utility professionals are invited to watch the E Source webinar Rev up your mobility strategy to learn more about the E Source Mobility practice.

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E Source, the data authority for the utility industry, blends industry-leading research, predictive data science, and solution services to help utilities make better decisions to support their customers, their bottom line, and our planet. With a commitment to practical innovation, we use more than three decades of utility-focused experience and our unique solution set to help clients achieve their goal of becoming a Sustainable Utility. E Source is headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with offices across the US.

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