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In this rapidly changing clean transportation market, utilities need insights and resources to transform into clean transportation fuel providers. With changes in policy, funding, regulations, and customer demand, how do you keep your transportation electrification (TE) plan and your team fueled up? This webinar, geared toward leaders of TE portfolios and teams, will get your wheels turning to ensure that you’re adding value to your customers’ journey and the grid, especially related to fleet electrification and managed charging opportunities.

E Source mobility experts are constantly monitoring utilities’ TE plans to provide utilities with the assurance that they have a future-looking, customer-centric strategy. Come hear our experts’ perspectives on how your utility can accelerate electric transportation and improve customer satisfaction.

You will learn:

  • Where clean transportation funding is flowing from federal programs like Rewiring America, Transportation Electrification Blueprint, and the Inflation Reduction Act
  • How to leverage your utility’s TE plan for integrated customer and grid planning
  • Which fleets utilities can prioritize for proactive outreach and planning
  • What fleet operators need from a utility partnership
  • Which types of vehicle-to-grid technologies are leading the way for grid resiliency
  • How the E Source Mobility practice can help you advance your clean transportation strategy


Bryan Jungers, Director of Mobility, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source
Jesse Hitchcock, Lead Analyst, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source
Rachel Reiss Buckley, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy and New Products, E Source
Steven Day, Manager, Customer Energy Solutions, E Source
Ben Campbell, Mobility Analyst, Battery Solutions, E Source

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