Michael Hartnack is a senior solution director for the Mobility Service, Distributed Energy Resource Strategy Service, and Technology Assessment Service. In this position, he works closely with utilities and helps them leverage electrification, decarbonization, and mobility technologies to meet their key goals. Michael also oversees all E Source engagements with nonutilities. Before joining E Source, Michael led the Neural Grid and Advanced Transmission and Distribution Technologies research solutions at Guidehouse Insights (formerly Navigant Research). In this role, he analyzed global markets, evaluated technologies to identify innovative grid and utility technologies, and forecasted market growth in key electric and gas utility technology segments. Michael also worked at Xcel Energy in Denver as part of the regulatory administration team. He earned a BA in political science and government from Union College and an MS in global energy management from the University of Colorado–Denver.

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Highlights from our spring tech roundup: Four trends to keep an eye on

Luke Beckett, Michael Hartnack, Bryan Jungers, Jay Stein
August 3, 2021

We recently discussed 11 technology trends we see on the horizon as part of our Spring 2021 tech roundup webinar. Here’s an exclusive look at four of the hot tech trends we covered.