Across the US and Canada, utilities have been preparing for the arrival of EVs for more than 10 years—and not without challenges. One of the major concerns with getting more EVs on the road is the potential strain on the grid. In this episode, host Bryan Jungers welcomes to the mic Stephanie Leach, principal business analyst at BGE, and Jesse Hitchcock, senior analyst for Customer Energy Solutions at E Source, to talk about pilots, programs, and what utilities can do to smooth this transition.

  • Introductions with Stephanie and Jesse (1:00)
  • Capacity constraints and EV charging (3:31)
  • What is managed charging? (9:03)
  • The fundamentals: Behavioral signals and telematics (13:16)
  • Designing a managed charging program (14:39)
  • Managing risk: Vendors and third parties (17:31)
  • Success metrics and goal-setting for utilities moving forward (20:58)
  • Knowing your customers and building relationships (22:45)

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