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Although Americans buy more electric vehicles (EVs) every year, still less than 3% of households own one. Customer awareness hasn’t grown in the past four years, and the EV industry is at risk of becoming stagnant or declining. You can accelerate the adoption of EVs through strategic marketing—learn how in this web conference.

You’ll learn:

  • The current state of the EV market and why adoption is so low
  • Who to target next based on trends in consumer readiness for EVs
  • How you can accelerate adoption, improve your brand, and help EVs avoid the product adoption chasm
  • How Evergy (formerly called KCP&L and Westar Energy) overcame customer barriers to achieve incredible EV adoption rates in a historically resistant service territory

If you’re a member of the E Source Residential Marketing Service, you can learn more in our report “The essentials for marketing EVs to residential customers”.


Shelby Kuenzli, Associate Analyst, Marketing and Communications, E Source
Jeffrey Beeson, Manager, Product Marketing, Evergy (formerly called KCP&L and Westar Energy)

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