A new E Source report reveals that U.S. businesses waste more than $60 billion annually on energy, presenting significant opportunities for utilities to increase enrollment in energy-efficiency programs. The report includes energy-use data from a variety of industries, including restaurants, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, data centers, education, and government.

“Did you know that Google’s data centers use more energy than 200,000 houses? Utilities can use startling industry statistics on energy waste like this one to get their business customers to pay attention to energy,” explains the author of the report, Beth Hartman, senior research associate at E Source. “By presenting information in terms that make sense to business owners, utilities can help persuade customers to participate in energy-efficiency programs.”

E Source found that restaurants are among the worst offenders, with nearly 80 percent of the $10 billion spent annually by the commercial food service sector lost to inefficient cooking methods. Another sector of note is healthcare: On average, hospitals use twice as much energy per square foot as office buildings.

For more information, read Hartman’s recent blog post. Members of the E Source Business Customer Suite and Business Marketing Service can access the full report on business energy waste and learn how utilities can motivate their customers to save energy by participating in energy-efficiency programs.

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