The US Bureau of Reclamation has announced a funding opportunity under the WaterSMART program, offering grant funding of up to $5 million for forward-thinking water and energy efficiency projects.

This funding opportunity is open to a diverse range of projects that prioritize water conservation, implement renewable energy components, and contribute to broader resiliency goals. From agricultural innovations to urban water management strategies, the grants aim to support initiatives that not only conserve water but also promote long-term sustainability in the face of escalating climate challenges.

The initial application period is open until February 22, 2024, providing interested parties limited time to develop comprehensive proposals. Organizations won’t have another chance to apply until late 2024 for future funding. By partnering with E Source, WaterSMART applicants receive grant support services that encompass a range of aspects, including:

  • Funding research
  • Application development
  • Submission support
  • Grant-reporting services

This end-to-end support ensures that utilities can confidently pursue grant opportunities, maximize their chances of success, and effectively communicate the impact of their projects. Learn more about Brownsville Public Utilities Board receives $5 million WaterSMART grant.

“Utilities play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sustainable energy and water management. Our grant support services are aimed at providing utilities with the necessary tools and expertise to successfully navigate the complex landscape of grant applications,” says Kierra Thomas, senior consultant at E Source. “We understand the unique challenges utilities face and are committed to helping them access funding to drive innovation and improve resilience.”

With a keen focus on staying ahead of industry trends and funding opportunities, E Source is dedicated to being a partner for utilities navigating the complex landscape of grant funding. Learn more about E Source’s track record of winning more than $20 million in grant funding on behalf of clients, including utilities in Brownsville, Texas; Norman, Oklahoma; Tacoma, Washington; Buena Park, California; Topeka, Kansas; Arlington, Texas; Ruston, Louisiana; and Danvers, Massachusetts.

For utilities eager to explore grant opportunities and receive expert support, E Source invites them to connect with the company’s team of experienced consultants.

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