E Source, a leading research and advisory firm, is pleased to announce the release of the newly reinvigorated and redesigned Business Energy Advisor. This powerful online tool contains a library of information that integrates with utility websites and provides sector-specific energy advice for utilities and their business customers.

Business customers rely on utilities to provide expert advice on all things energy-related and guide them on steps they can take to effectively manage their energy usage. Providing this kind of proactive advice is vital for utilities that want to boost participation in commercial demand-side management (DSM) programs and foster positive customer experiences. Business Energy Advisor provides business customers with a go-to online resource for actionable advice on proven energy management strategies and clear guidance on energy-efficient equipment.

“We see Business Energy Advisor as a win-win solution that provides an essential link between utilities and business customers. It helps improve relationships, drive program participation, and improve the customer experience,” says Mike Hildebrand, vice president of account management solutions at E Source. “For years, Business Energy Advisor has delivered actionable information and advice to utilities and their business customers. Now, we’ve completed a comprehensive redesign that includes a more modern look and feel, in-depth customization options, streamlined navigation, and region-specific data.”

An engaging and intuitive customer-facing tool, Business Energy Advisor integrates with existing websites and can be tailored to match utility’s digital content while prominently featuring the utility’s brand. There’s also an API version for utilities that want complete control over the look and feel of the content.

The regularly updated library of energy advice contains information on more than 25 business sectors and over 80 technologies. Business Energy Advisor is also an invaluable internal resource for utility account managers, business contact center representatives, DSM program managers, and marketers who need on-demand information about their customers’ business sectors and end-use technologies.

To learn more about Business Energy Advisor, visit Business Energy Advisor. For questions, please call 1-800-ESOURCE or email us.

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