Drive business customers to your utility website today.

The E Source Business Energy Advisor (BEA) is a hosted, web-based library of energy-efficiency advice tailored to the needs of your business customers. With BEA, your commercial and industrial customers will have access to more than 100 web pages of expert guidance on improving the energy efficiency of their specific facility types.

See How BEA Can Serve Your Business Customers

  • Image of the E Source Business Energy Advisor home page.

    Easy navigation allows customers to choose their business type.

  • Image of an HTML calculator page in the E Source Business Energy Advisor

    Calculators and checklists help your customers make actionable decisions.

  • Image of the E Source Business Energy Advisor with custom colors applied.

    Add your colors and logo to make BEA feel like a part of your website.

  • Image of a technology page in the E Source Business Energy Advisor.

    Your customers can explore technologies to improve energy efficiency.

  • Image of the Quick Fixes section of a page in the E Source Business Energy Advisor.

    Targeted advice provides real solutions for your customers.

Three More Ways BEA Can Benefit Your Utility

  1. The content shows your business customers that you understand their unique needs.
  2. Customers are instantly presented with ideas for saving energy by business type or by technology type.
  3. Links to your utility’s programs help boost program participation.

Here’s How It Works

  • Customization. You can link to a hosted version of BEA that we customize with your logo, colors, and custom content to seamlessly blend with your website or you can pull BEA content into your website via an application program interface (API) and style it however you choose.
  • Easy updates. We regularly update the library of topics in BEA, so you don't have to.
  • Tracking. E Source can connect your instance of BEA to your chosen web metrics system.